The next time your Tea Partying/Breitbart-reading brother-in-law challenges you to demonstrate evidence of racism in the Tea Parties, direct them to Grady Warren's videos. Warren is a sport-fishing promoter in Florida who runs a site called
April 23, 2011

The next time your Tea Partying/Breitbart-reading brother-in-law challenges you to demonstrate evidence of racism in the Tea Parties, direct them to Grady Warren's videos.

Warren is a sport-fishing promoter in Florida who runs a site called "Conservative Sportsmen" that seems now to have become the launching pad for Warren's presidential ambitions. As you can see, he's already declared.

His platform: Deport all Muslims. Deport all "illegal aliens." Force blacks into "re-education camps". Bring all liberals "to justice." And deny nonwhites the right to vote.

And he voices it so charmingly -- especially in his attacks on President Obama:

WARREN: Barack, you're in a fight you will not win. Because you have underestimated how many millions of Americans love this country and have lost loved ones for these United States.

You have declared war on the white man in America -- putting the wants and needs of moochers, leeches, looters, and criminals ahead of the producers, and the workers of America. And we don't want 15 to 20 million illiterate Mexicans and Chicanos as our new welfare society, living like rats in our neighborhoods.

They must go, and either the government steps up, or the government will have to clean up. They will not stay and get citizenship for breaking the law.

Barack, you, your advisers, pollsters, pundits, talking heads, have wanted to know: Who are the pissed-off people in this country? Well, the pissed-off people, sir, are the white people. It's the white people, stupid.

You'll notice, in fact, that all Warren is doing is taking standard Tea Party rhetoric and just amping it up to the next level -- the level, in fact, that you often encounter among the movement's rank and file, where they're not as inhibited about believing insane things or saying vicious and bigoted things. This is why the Birther garbage continues to be so popular with this crowd.

This was embodied in Warren's defense of the Tea Party last fall against charges of racism -- by, essentially, claiming that racist behavior and beliefs were perfectly legitimate:

Transcript from Julie Driscoll at the Chicago Liberal Examiner:

WARREN: Barack Hussein Obama. Mmm mmm hmm. And Ben Jealous of the NAACP. John Conyers, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, and all the other criminals in the Congressional Black Caucus. And Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and all the nigra race pimps out there. On behalf of the Tea Party we are sick and tired of being called racist when our mission is to educate legal American voters on the most conservative candidates to consider voting for. That's it. We are good Americans, we are moral Americans. We are religious and non. We are taxpayers, we are civil to our neighbors, and we are law-abiding citizens. We love this country and we are willing to fight for what's right. Not political correctness, not for the Republicans, not for the Democrats, and especially not for the liberals. The Tea Party is tired of Blacks, nigras, Muslims, and Hispanics, especially the illegals, calling us racist for trying to save the America that we love.

So on this 3rd day of November, 2010, I declare a Teahad on political correctness and the groups out to destroy America. Muslims for example have a rich history of infiltrating, procreating and then eliminating. This is a fact of history, therefore we believe in stopping their progress and starting deportations of all Muslims as soon as possible."

Now Blacks, they only make up 13 percent of the population, but somehow they make up 45 percent of the city, state and federal jobs. And we wonder why the government doesn't work. And we wonder why blacks cause more crimes than all other races combined. Ben, is it racist if I say that every other minority group that has come to America, no matter how they got here, have succeeded - most in just one generation? The Chinese, the Vietnamese, the Cambodians, and many others. But not the blacks. After trillions of dollars have been given in reparations to the blacks, and this has not been given to the other races, blacks are still where they were pretty much 50 years ago. Is that being racist when I ask that question?

Well, Ben, I'm sorry, but that's a fact. Why are most blacks on some form of welfare, and why do we allow billions in fraud each and every year on social programs? Is it racist to want 12-20 million illegal aliens to be deported and the southern border wall completed? Is it racist to scream out loud when we see illegals desecrating the American flag on American streets, grabbing their crotches, flipping us off, basically saying, screw you, on our soil? Is that racist to get upset when we do that? Or when the President puts devout Muslims in charge of Homeland Security? Are we racist because we do not want to kill babies or because we love Christmas, we want God in our lives as Americans? Or is it racist when we ask that our children not be taught that little Johnny's got two moms or two dads, and that's normal, desecrating marriage between a man and a woman? Or is it racist because we love Sarah Palin, because she is a female version of Ronald Reagan, and to millions of men she is their fantasy wife? Sarah is all about what's great in America.

Barack Hussein Obama recently told college students that the Tea Party conservatives and white people did not want them of color to vote. You are correct, sir. The 91 percent of blacks that approve of you, you're damn right. We don't want 'em anywhere near the polls. They have not been educated enough to vote. They vote skin color and Democratic, period. And the same goes for the Hispanic community and the rest of the ignorant and uneducated liberals. Is it racist to only want taxpayers and semi-educated folks to vote? Is it racist to want the Fair Tax where every citizen has to pay taxes. Ladies, gentlemen, young people, I will fight the left, the right, Republicans, Democrats, and political correctness. Our Teahad needs you, so please, join me in this fight and to Ben Jealous and all the Black criminal leaders out there, if asking these questions and being good Americans makes the Tea Party members racist, well I guess this Huckleberry is just a racist.

As always, when you scratch the surface of a bellicose ultra-right-winger, you find a scam artist not far beneath. It seems that, in addition to his involvement in any number of fishing derbies, Warren also was involved in an earlier scam to claim that people were fishing for sharks with kittens.

Mind you, there's not a lot of evidence that Warren has much actual influence within the Tea Party -- he's just attached himself to the movement. That's known to happen. But what hasn't happened is also significant: Warren has neither been denounced by Florida Tea Partiers nor driven from their ranks.

As Rick at South Florida Daily Blog observes:

Guys like Grady certainly don't make up the entirety of the Tea Party. But he's representing and there are plenty on the Right who feel that Grady represents them. More importantly, there is no one on the Right shouting these people down.

What is not being said says volumes.

Julio Varela has more.

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