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March 14, 1984 - Political Horse Racing Season.

March 14, 1984 - The Political Horse Race Season. Super Tuesday results. Gary Hart wins big. Mondale still the front runner. George McGovern drops out. Atlantic City New Jersey Mayor Michael Matthews recalled. James "Cowboy" Avery put to death in Texas - 3 more scheduled to go in March. Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams shot and wounded by unknown assassin. Capitol Hill: Senate proposes to expand spending on Military aid to El Salvador while expanding funding for CIA war in Nicaragua. A ceasefire in Beirut appears to be holding.

<strong>Gary Hart - the happy kid on the block.</strong>

So March 14th 1984 had a lot to do with Super Tuesday, which the previous day was (which just so happened was also yesterday in 2012).

The big winners were Gary Hart and Walter Mondale, with Hart picking up 171 delegates to Mondale's 161. Hart was confident he would go the distance. Not going the distance was George McGovern who, as promised he would do so if he didn't win first or second place in Massachusetts, dropped out of the race on this Wednesday morning. All the pundits agreed, the horse race was underway.

In other news: Atlantic City New Jersey Mayor Michael Matthews was recalled in a special election that took place the day before.

Convicted murderer James "Cowboy" Autry was put to death at 12:01 on this day in Texas. The first of what would be four executions to take place in Texas for the month of March.

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams was shot and wounded by an unknown attempted assassin. Adams was recovering from the ordeal.

On Capitol Hill this day - The Senate Appropriations Committee proposed expanding funding for our excursions in Latin America. First was increased funding for CIA and their covert war in Nicaragua and the second was tripled spending on Military aid to El Salvador. Both funding increases were asked for by the Reagan White House.

And a ceasfire in Beirut Lebanon was appearing to take hold, however shaky it seemed.

And that's how the day went, this March 14th in 1984 as reported on The CBS World News Roundup.

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