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Super Tuesday



If you still don't think that Trump has a chance to win the presidency, well, sorry. His huge wins in Super Tuesday, part 3, show that this is going to be a long, strange campaign with a GOP nominee likely named Trump. Check out this video for your weekly Presidential Power Rankings!

March 14, 1984 - Political Horse Racing Season.

March 14, 1984 - The Political Horse Race Season. Super Tuesday results. Gary Hart wins big. Mondale still the front runner. George McGovern drops out. Atlantic City New Jersey Mayor Michael Matthews recalled. James "Cowboy" Avery put to death in Texas - 3 more scheduled to go in March. Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams shot and wounded by unknown assassin. Capitol Hill: Senate proposes to expand spending on Military aid to El Salvador while expanding funding for CIA war in Nicaragua. A ceasefire in Beirut appears to be holding.

CNN Allows Sarah Palin To Play Out Brokered Convention Fantasy

I guess CNN thinks Sarah Palin isn't getting quite enough face time on Fox News to pretend anyone thinks she's still relevant in the Republican primary race and to play out their little fantasy about there being a brokered convention this year,