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May 18, 1982 - The Elephant In The Room.

News of the day, this day in history for May 18, 1982 - Soviet Premier Brezhnev calls for freeze in new nuclear weapons. Falkland Islands crisis negotiation continues, not hopeful. Fiscal '83 debate in Senate heating up. Senate votes on controversial used car disclosure proposal. Israeli Prime Minister Begin loses Majority in the Knesset as two members quit the Likud Party to join opposition Labor Party.

<strong>The Fiscal '83 debate - Social Security was hot-button then, too.</strong>

This day in May 1982 had a lot to do with negotiations - some successful and some not.

On the Cold War front - Soviet President Brezhnev proposed a series talks with the U.S. aimed at limiting the number of nuclear weapons in either country's arsenal. Brezhnev also called for a nuclear freeze, but Alexander Haig balked, saying the Russians already had more weapons than we did.

At home - debate in the Senate was heating up over Fiscal '83 with a proposed $40 billion in unspecified Budget cuts, including Social Security. But since that was such a hot-button issue, especially during an election year, it was recommended it all go no the backburner until after the election.

And the Senate was als getting ready to vote on anohter controversial piece of legislation. This time over an FTC requirement for Used Car dealers to state if a car has major known defects before it's sold. The Auto Dealer's Lobby went insane, spending vast amounts of money just to kill it.

And overseas, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin lost his majority in the Knesset as two members of Begin's Likud party bolted and joined the opposition Labour Party.

And that's how it went this May 18, 1982 as reported over The CBS World News Roundup.


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