Andrew Breitbart Blames Nancy Pelosi And Congressional Black Democrats For Forcing Tea Partiers To Act Like Racists


In another embarrassing segment of C-SPAN's Book TV, Andrew Breitbart is allowed by Armstrong Williams to pretend like he didn't lose his bet that racial slurs were hurled at members of the Congressional Black Caucus and at others at the "tea party" protests outside of Capitol Hill last year.

As Karoli already noted, Breitbart did lose that bet despite his claims here to the C-SPAN audience and Williams.

Andrew Breitbart pretends like the "tea party" is not really made up of a bunch of racists and is a place where women and African Americans can find a home for conservatives outside of the Republican Party.

What's utterly laughable here is that Breitbat somehow doesn't seem to know what rights women and black people had in America when this country was first founded.

Maybe someone should remind him that women didn't have the right to vote and that black people were considered three-fifths of a person back in the days he's aggrandizing.

BREITBART: What is at stake here is that blacks and women are creating the "tea party", making it a place that unlike the Republican Party which is a toxic environment for blacks and that's been the media's job for years. This is a place where blacks and women and hispanics can go to recreate this country in its original Constitutional vision.

Yeah, just keep telling yourself that Breitbart and maybe some day someone will believe our "original Constitutional vision" ever meant anything but freedom for anyone but rich white male landowners. If he had a host that was going to challenge him instead of kiss his rear end for this segment, maybe they'd have asked him about this and the "tea party" and their racism -- Staying KKKlassy: Tea Baggers Call Congressmen "N****rs" and "F****ts" At HCR Protest. Hate Rules The Day.

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