Ann Romney Compares Obama To A Petulant Child For Calling Out Husband's Lies In Debate


They just can't stop themselves from completely disrespecting this President, can they? Here's Queen Ann on Fox News in an interview which will air in full Wednesday, calling the President of the United States a child because his campaign has dared to call out her husband for lying his ass off during the debate last week. Way to keep it classy.

So much for Willard saying his wife's views were not "terribly relevant" to his campaign. She's been inserting herself more and more as time has gone on, without terribly wonderful results as we saw again here. She's just as much of a nasty piece of work as her husband, if not worse.

Ann Romney accuses Obama of showing 'poor sportsmanship' :

Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, equated President Obama's campaign to a petulant child during an interview Tuesday after being asked about charges from the president's campaign that her husband had "lied" during last week's debate.

“I mean, lied about what? This is something he’s been saying all along. This is what he believes. This is his policy, these are his statements," Ann Romney said in an interview set to air Wednesday on Fox News. "I mean, lie — it’s sort of like someone that’s, you know, in the sandbox that like lost the game and they’re just going to kick sand in someone’s face and say, ‘you liar.’ I mean, it’s like they lost, and so now they just are going to say, OK, the game, we didn’t like the game. So to me, it’s poor sportsmanship.”

In an interview Sunday with CBS News, Obama adviser David Axelrod said Romney's debate positions were "uprooted" from what he had said on the campaign trail.

"I think [the president] was a little taken aback at the brazenness with which Gov. Romney walked away from so many of the positions on which he's run, walked away from his record,” Axelrod said.

Ann Romney said she "knew right away" that her husband was winning the first presidential debate.

"I knew after the first question," she said. "I turned to my son after 50 minutes, and I gave him a nudge, and I said it’s 100 to zero right now. "

She added that she hoped his performance would attract the support of more female voters, a crucial demographic headed into Election Day and one that the president has thus far dominated.

Yeah, good luck with that. Hey Ann, if you don't want your husband called a liar, why don't you ask him to quit lying day in and day out on the campaign trail as well?

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