Bill Kristol: We Should Try To Destabilize North Korea During Leadership Transition


Some things never change and if it's Sunday, you can count on it being another week of Bloody Bill Kristol war mongering on Fox News. This week rather than calling for air strikes on North Korea, he wants us to try to help overthrow their government instead.

KRISTOL: President Obama himself didn't seem to have his heart in it when he said once again we're rallying the international community to put pressure. You know what? That's fine but we should try to destabilize the regime during this transition. It's not easy for this regime to make the transition from Kim Jong Il to his 27 year old son. We should be doing everything we can to bring down this terrible regime, end that nuclear weapons problem and reunite the two Koreas.

After Juan Williams points out that the Obama administration has shown a great deal of restraint by not war mongering and starting something they can't finish, Kristol says he's not advocating for war, just for sending the country into complete chaos.

KRISTOL: In North Korea, what would do the most good is trying to find fissures in the military; people who are upset about this 27 year old son taking over and bring down this regime. I'm not calling for war. I am calling for everything we can do...

WALLACE: let me ask you... what makes you think if we brought down that regime, the next regime would be any better?

KRISTOL: It couldn't be worse. It couldn't be worse and it would be... there would be reunification on the Korean Peninsula and maybe the Chinese would want to keep a sort of token North Korea up by their border for their own sake but about 2/3 of North Korea could become part of the unified Korea and that would be a lot better than the current situation.

LIASSON: The South Koreans want to do that in a manageable way, not all of the sudden and huge chaos.

KRISTOL: Well we should help them do it. The chaos of refugees fleeing across the border to freedom is a chaos we should welcome compared to the current situation.

It seems no amount of war or "chaos" is ever too much for the likes of Kristol or his buddy Liz Cheney. As the post at Think Progress pointed out, "arguing that the United States should start wars is what he does."


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