Bill O'Reilly And Karl Rove Freak Out Over Williams' Firing And Soros Media Matters Donation. Project Much?


Man oh man... Bill O'Reilly's show was one major freakout over the firing of Juan Williams from NPR this Thursday. He went from having Williams on to Karl Rove to Laura Ingraham to Megyn Kelly and then on to Glenn Beck to opine over how unfair it was that Williams was fired and how the evil 'librul" media was just out to get him for appearing on Fox. O'Reilly and Bush hatchet man Karl Rove had themselves a little pearl-clutching session here that can only be rightfully described as a major case of something called projection.

Bill O'Reilly asks Rove what he thinks about Williams' firing, and Rove is outraged!... outraged I tell you! Shame on NPR for firing Williams! Rove wants us to believe that Juan Williams is an "honest liberal" instead of just another lackey for Fox who goes on there week after week and justifies the day's talking points from the likes of Bill O'Reilly or Chris Wallace or whatever host of whatever show they decide to bring him, all so they can pretend he represents anything that should have the word liberal or progressive attached to it.

Rove -- ironically, after working for the Fox propaganda channel -- now thinks that NPR and public radio should have their funding cut off for proving that they're too left wing by Williams' firing. I'd say that the one thing NPR did wrong was that if they had a problem with what Williams was doing, they probably should have fired him a long time ago. He's been making a mockery of them for a long time now with his appearances on Fox.

O'Reilly and Rove then went on to complain about NPR receiving a donation from George Soros and claim that he's "buying up the media" with his donations to NPR and Media Matters.

That's pretty laughable, considering any donations there are a drop in the bucket compared to the money pouring into Rove's little "American Crossroads" group and the fact that Fox News has some foreign ownership as well.

Rove seems to suffer from a really bad case of "do as I say and not as I do" syndrome and he's got that pearl clutching routine down pat when someone else dares to take a single page from his playbook. If Karl wants to complain about the Soros donation, maybe he can open his own books up as well, so we have some idea where his donations are coming from. Rove's running political attack ads and trying to influence our elections -- unlike Media Matters, who just record and document and comment on the likes of Rove and Beck and company's hackery day after day.

O'Reilly's hated the fact that anyone has dared to record him so he could be called out for his lying, from the days when my friend Mr. Amato first started doing it before anyone else was (along with Al Franken on Air America), and it meant he could not say something on the air on his radio show and deny he said it later on his television show as he routinely did. Media Matters took that to a whole new level with the amount of recording that they do and it drives these wingnut liars crazy. They all hate someone actually documenting what they say on the air day after day. All I can say is: keep up the good work guys. If O'Reilly and Rove's heads are exploding, it means you're doing your job as watchdogs of their hackery. We try to do our part at Crooks and Liars as well, but we're mainly volunteers who don't have any of that Soros money coming our way.


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