CNN Employee's Own Mistake Crashes Site


"The most trusted name in news." Yeah right. If there are still problems with the web site, it would be nice if CNN would try to report on the ones they didn't cause themselves: Video: CNN employee`s own mistake crashed Obamacare Web page:

In a rather embarrassing revelation for CNN, their own “expert” crashed the Obamacare Web site yesterday by doing something that every child in America knows you simply do not do on the Internet: Refreshing the Web page while your transaction is processing.

Yet, an examination of the video, first noticed by AMERICAblog reader Jea this morning, reveals that that is exactly what CNN did – their expert refreshed the Affordable Care Act federal exchange site while their application was “processing.”

And what happened as a result? The page crashed. As it does on every single Web site in the world when you’re dumb enough to refresh the page while a transaction is in progress.

And now Republicans are crowing about how this CNN video “proves” that Obamacare is a disaster – because CNN managed to produce an error message with a rookie “my first Internet” mistake. [...]

You got the error message. No sh-t, Sherlock.

If you refresh a Web site while any submission is “processing” you will get an error message. Always, always, always. Have you never purchased anything online before?

And if you refresh a page that has already finished processing, you will also usually get an error message, as the page is attempting to resubmit the same information you already just submitted.

In this case, the page would be resubmitting an application that was already just submitted. So it would have no other choice but to give you an error message as you can’t submit the same application twice in a row. Read on...

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