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Jon Stewart Eviscerates CNBC And Rick Santelli

[media id=7482] Jon Stewart shows us that it might just be a really bad idea to stand him up for an appearance on his show. Or maybe Rick Santelli is

Jon Stewart shows us that it might just be a really bad idea to stand him up for an appearance on his show. Or maybe Rick Santelli is actually better off that he didn't show up at all, because this could have gotten even uglier for him had he been there in person. Santelli apparently cancelled on him at the behest of his bosses. You remember his Howard Beale rant?

Santelli: President Obama, are you listening?

Stewart: Yeah man, Wall Street is mad as hell! And they're not going to take it anymore. Unless by it, you mean two trillion dollars of their own bail out money. That they will take.

Now Mr. Santelli was invited to come on this show and accepted the invitation and then on Friday canceled, or I guess the phrase would be bailed out.

How many people would have liked to see Santelli come on this program, are you listening? Are you listening, Rick Santelli? You see, Rick Santelli is angry that these loser home owners are going to get bailed out. He believes in personal responsibility, he believes in not rewarding the losers for missing all the warning signs. For God's sake, the guy works at CNBC. They're the best of the best.

If Rick Santelli is afraid to stand up to Jon Stewart then how can he stand up during an economic meltdown?

Stewart absolutely eviscerates Santelli and the rest of the gang of Wall Street and corporate apologists on CNBC. He shows clips of Cramer telling us that Bear Stearns is fine, "do not take your money out...Bear Stearns is not in trouble."

Bear Stearns went out of business six days later. And so on and so on. Once again a comedy show is willing to give us more "truthiness" as Stephen would say than our beltway media is willing to touch with a ten foot pole.

(John Amato contributed to the post)

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