Dana Loesch Plays The Nazi Card To Attack #OWS - Calls Them 'The Epitome Of Greed'


During some of their post debate coverage following the circular firing squad that was the second CNN Republican debate in Las Vegas, "tea partier" and resident right-wing flame thrower Dana Loesch decided to play the Nazi card to try to smear the protesters out there in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

After apparently being very upset that the #OWS protesters were compared to the AstroTurf "tea party" movement that both CNN and Fox have done their best to promote, Loesch said this:

COOPER: Dana, I heard you scoffing when it was compared to the Tea Party.

LOESCH: There's a couple of things. There's a couple of things that I have to say. I disagree with the notion that this is anti- greed. Any movement that protests for a living wage, regardless of whether or not you're employed -- employed, is the epitome of greed, No. 1.

No. 2, there's no -- there's no responsibility given to Washington at all whatsoever. This current administration is propped up by Wall Street. This is the Wall Street president. This president has received more from Goldman Sachs and the very entities that these protesters are out there protesting than any other president.

Three, I think the grassroots element in this has been hijacked already. One of the things that the Tea Party -- the Tea Party had to deal with two fronts. The Tea Party fought against Republican establishment. I was very involved in New York 23. Newt Gingrich and I went round and round over Dede Scozzafava. I was -- the establishment was not of me; still is not a fan of me.

And we also had to fight against progressives and progressive agenda, where you have the Occupy Wall Street and they have the endorsement of the President. They have the blessing of Nancy Pelosi. They're also endorsed by the Nazi Party of the United States. They're also endorsed by Communists. These are things that we did not see with the tea party movement.

[Scarce Edit: OWS protesters "are the epitome of greed"? WTF CNN? Why give this idiot a platform? ]

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It appears that this is one of the prevailing themes over at Fox, where Loesch belongs, although she's been doing her best to make sure CNN is trying to compete with their audience. And while I can't find much to disagree with when it comes to my frustration with the Obama administration and their relationship to Wall Street that she was railing about in the beginning of the clip, I do take great issue with her portrayal of the protesters which is right in line with Fox as Media Matters has documented -- The Latest Desperate Smear Of Occupy Wall Street Protests: The Nazis Like Them

What Loesch is doing here is nothing more than divide and conquer politics and doing her best to keep anyone who may not agree on a whole lot of issues from coming together and marginalizing those out there protesting as some fringe group.

As Media Matters noted in their post: Reminder: If a Nazi says something nice about you, that doesn't make you a Nazi.

Michael Moore and Al Sharpton managed to give us some perspective from opposite-land on Loesch's views where she was determined to pull the working class apart, and a sharp contrast with Michael Moore talking about how wedge issues that normally divide us have been thrown aside from his experience spending some time with the OWS protesters in New York.

Video and transcript of Moore's interview below the fold.

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SHARPTON: And many in the 99 percent, I think that`s the challenge, that`s why I and others were down and say, no, this movement is important, is that you can`t allow them to play the 99 percent against each other because we`re not each other`s problem.

MOORE: Right.

SHARPTON: And I think that that`s the crabs in the barrel thing, would rather than the crabs uniting having a coalition lifting the led off the barrel.

MOORE: Right.

SHARPTON: They had them fighting and climbing over each other.

MOORE: Right. I was out at Times Square on Saturday night.


MOORE: That 99 percent that you just talk about, right? The one that they like to divide and have fight against each other. They`re all kinds of people in Times Square Saturday night. I`m sure there are people there that I disagree with, pro-choice, you know, they are not. I`m sure there are people there that don`t want any gun control laws, I do. I`m sure there are people there that don`t approve of gay marriage. I do. But nobody was talking about that. Those issues that they have used, those wedge issues that they have used to divide the working people of this country, they don`t -- they are not being discussed at Occupy Wall Street. No one cares about that anymore. We care about the real basic thing that is hurting and affecting everyone and that is the one percent are running the show, and this is a democracy.

SHARPTON: That`s right.

MOORE: And in a democracy, one percent doesn`t run the show.

SHARPTON: That`s exactly right.

MOORE: A hundred percent runs the show.

SHARPTON: And that is the fight is all about.

MOORE: That is correct.

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