Fox News Feigns Ignorance On Romney Tapes When Airing His Presser


Despite the fact that MSNBC, CNN, Current TV and who knows how many other media outlets had already shown or covered the devastating clips that Mother Jones released this Monday, Fox News decided to feign ignorance and pretend they had no prior knowledge of the story when Mitt Romney gave his press conference in response to the leaked videos.

Had they not been completely ignoring the story intentionally instead of covering it, maybe they wouldn't have had to pretend like they were clueless after they were notified that Romney was doing press availability.

Greta Van Susteren brought in their previously scheduled guest, KT McFarland, following Romney's just devastating press conference and the best she had to offer in response is that Mittens ought to be talking about national security and the problems with the protests and unrest in the Middle East and Africa instead.

And despite Van Susteren pretending that the Romney presser was the first she'd heard about the Mother Jones story, amazingly her panel of Byron York, Michael Crowley and Rick Klein were somehow able to fill her in on it. Imagine that? Fox really is becoming a parody of itself these days.


Look for more of the nonsense talking point you heard during this segment in the coming week from the right. This recording of Romney is just like President Obama during the primary season when he was up against Hillary, talking about people "clinging to their guns and their religion." They conceded that it's not the same in this segment, but you watch, they'll be using that same line on Fox as the week goes on and doing their best to play the false equivalency game.

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