Fox's Bolling And Beckel Attack Jon Stewart While Ignoring Gist Of His Criticisms


Fox's Eric Bolling and Bob Beckel were not happy about the fact that The Daily Show's Jon Stewart went after them on his show this Wednesday night, where he took the two of them to task along with a lot of the other bed-wetters on Faux "News" for being more than willing to completely shred our Constitution and Bill of Rights when it comes to terrorism, while at the same time not wanting do a single thing about gun control in the United States.

To no one's surprise, they addressed just about everything Stewart said about them, other than the main point of his segment.

The Five’s Eric Bolling And Bob Beckel Fire Back At Jon Stewart For His ‘Asinine’ Attack On Fox News:

In response to Jon Stewart‘s Wednesday evening monologue that tore into a handful of Fox News commentators for disregarding multiple constitutional amendments in response to the Boston bombings, Eric Bolling fired back with a full segment response on today’s The Five. [...]

Kicking off the final segment of the show this afternoon, Bolling addressed Stewart directly, calling the segment a “piece of sh… satire.” The show then played the clip in which Stewart mocked Bolling’s “freedom math.”

“Freedom math, huh?” said Bolling in response. “Well here’s some New Hampshire math. What do you know? Professor Alynna Lyon comes up with the exact same number as my ‘freedom math’: 1.57 million worldwide would be radicalized to the point of wanting to kill us.”

“Or how about this one?” he continued. “Pew Research math, who say 13-percent of Muslim Americans they polled are cool with suicide bombing innocent civilians. That’s 357,000 potential Tsarnaevs walking around our schools, our parks, and our ballgames. Hey, Jonny boy, pull up a chair right here between Bob and me and let’s debate this thing. Come on, you got the cajones?”

Beckel then took over and aired his own grievances with Stewart:

“I was a liberal activist and a progressive before you were out of your Pampers. And you may get on a TV show and talk liberal politics, but I’ve been on the lines registering voters, being on the union lines, and others. Maybe you want to bring your credentials up here. Do not suggest that what I was saying here was a litmus test. I was simply saying that there were people we needed to take a two-year hiatus and check out those in this country who came on a student visa and cannot be found, and the FBI is trying to find them. It seems to me it’s legitimate to try and do that before we let more people in. Now you want to call that a litmus test? My litmus test is that when you do something, when you quote somebody, you do it right. And you obviously don’t have the sense to do that.”

My question would be whether either of these two blowhards would actually allow him to address the larger point he made during his segment if he was foolish to come on the air with them. I hope he doesn't accept the invitation, because Stewart has done enough legitimatizing of Fox by going on O'Reilly's show already. I'd rather see him hammer these two in a follow up during his show on Comedy Central.

For a reminder of just what Bolling and Beckel were carping about, here's Stewart's segment from earlier in the week.


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