Fox News' "The Five" is the worst cable TV opinion show on the planet and token liberal Bob Beckel, continued to make that point for me when he uttered an ethnic slur on live TV.
July 12, 2014

I've written many times that Fox News' "The Five" is the worst cable TV opinion show on the planet and token liberal Bob Beckel continued to make that point for me.

Here's Ellen to discuss:

Fox’s Bob Beckel went on another ethnic rant on The Five yesterday. His target this time was the Chinese. We’ve previously noted Beckel’s Islamophobia and his animosity toward the Chinese. But this time, he used an explicitly ethnic slur in his attack.
In a discussion about Chinese hackers, Beckel said:

The Chinese are the single biggest threat to the national security of the United States. They have been, they will be and they can wait. They’re very patient. You know what they just did? As usual, we bring ‘em over here and we teach a bunch of Chinamen – uh, Chinese people how to do computers. They go back to China and they hack into us, right?...

He concluded his remarks by saying, “So, China –“ and making a punching motion with an arm gesture that means "F*** you."

After a bit of discussion, Beckel continued.

“Doesn’t anybody worry about these people? There’s billions of ‘em. And all they do is hack into our stuff, they send us cheap toys, all of which got lead in ‘em and they’re killing kids.”

It's tough being "the token" on Fox News, but he gets compensated mightily by Roger Ailes for the privileged. I wonder if he suffers from some sort of PTSD because he often goes off the rails when it comes to them-there-foreigners.

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