Fox's McGlowan: Under Bush We Knew We Were Protected And Had 'Peace Through Power'


From Fox's America's News Headquarters this Saturday, after endless segments throughout the morning attacking the Obama administration for the response to the embassy attack in Libya and carping about whether they should have known or announced immediately that they considered it a terrorist attack, the audience was treated to this segment where Fox regular Angela McGlowan tied herself in verbal knots pretending that George W. Bush somehow kept the country safe from terrorism.

MCGLOWAN: Foreign policy is very important. National security is very important. Jamie, if we don't protect homeland, we're not going to have an economy. And Julie, he might have come out and said that this was a terrorist attack, the day of, but Jay Carney, our U.S. ambassador and Sec. Clinton all said that these were spontaneous attacks. And now we know, we have information that was classified, that's now being released that this was a planned terror attack and the problem is, we don't know what our national security plan is.

When we had President Bush, we knew where we stood. We knew we were protected. We knew we had power through strength, strength through power, or peace through strength... strength... peace through power. The bottom line is this. With this administration, we don't have that. And we're not secure.

Someone needs to remind this ding-dong that 9-11 along with a number of other attacks happened on Bush's watch and that his policy of invading countries that were not a threat to us did nothing to keep us "safer." As for the rest of the verbal diarrhea that came out of her mouth, I'm not even going to try to begin to interpret that nonsense.

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