They just can't stop themselves. Even after Fox, John McCain and the right wing have been completely discredited with their fake outrage over what happened during the attacks in Benghazi back in September, they're just going to keep beating this
December 1, 2012

They just can't stop themselves. Even after Fox, John McCain and the right wing have been completely discredited with their fake outrage over what happened during the attacks in Benghazi back in September, they're just going to keep beating this horse long after it's dead. Case in point, here was Fox's Greta Van Susteren and the Quitta From Wasilla, Sarah Palin, with more over the top attacks against Rice.

As I noted in my other post, there are legitimate questions that she ought to be asked if she is nominated for Secretary of State, one being investments in the companies involved in the Keystone pipeline, and I've read some other articles questioning investments in firms with ties to Iran. If they want to ask her questions about what companies she and her husband are investing in and whether there are conflicts of interest there, by all means, have at it during the hearings. But this nonsense over these Benghazi attacks is so over the top, it's frankly just giving me a giant headache seeing them still going after her in this manner.

What was even more disgusting than the interview with Palin was the intro above, where they took footage of various members of Congress, and intentionally made them look like something out of a horror movie. Be afraid... be very afraid!!! Those evil, scary black women were standing up for Susan Rice and heaven forbid calling out Grandpa McGrumpy for the fact that racism and sexism might just possibly have something to do with his attacks on Susan Rice. The horror!

As to Van Susteren's interview with Palin, you can read more about that over at Mediaite, where, par for the course as we've come to expect from most of their posts where Fox "news" is involved, it was pretty well substance-free over whether Van Susteren or Palin had an ounce of legitimacy to their complaints (they don't), was just more of the same that we've already heard from McCain's carping to the media. He's got questions. They haven't been answered. When is the administration going to let everyone know who changed the talking points? But, as Rachel Maddow already pointed out this week, those questions for the most part, have already been answered.

The ones that haven't will be during the upcoming Congressional hearings and one hell of a lot faster than we ever got any answers, if any, about the attacks on 9/11 that happened on George W. Bush's watch, but don't dare bring that up to any Republicans, because they'll just dismiss any comparisons to how they reacted to terrorist attacks back when Bush was in office.

That's different, because Republican presidents and their administrations can do no wrong, as opposed to Democratic presidents, who they'll never even cede the least bit of respect or common courtesy to for holding the office, as long as they think it will score them cheap political points. You say something bad about one of their own though and of course that's akin to treason. Our first bi-racial Democratic president... not so much.

Video below the fold of the Palin interview and transcript of Rachel Maddow's points on McCain's similar madness from her show this Wednesday, debunking their continued, ridiculous over the top attacks over what happened in Benghazi.

Here's more from The Rachel Maddow Show this Wednesday:


SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R), ARIZONA: There are a lot of questions that we have for Ambassador Rice. There are many layers to the onion. There`s all kinds of questions that have been raised. All these questions need to be answered.

REPORTER: Do you still think there are unanswered questions?

MCCAIN: About 50 unanswered questions.


MADDOW: About 50. John McCain is a man with many, many questions.

John McCain is a man with many questions and he is a man in desperate need to some answers to those questions or at least he just likes to say that over and over again on television. There is a strange thing about all of Senator McCain`s questions, though. The answers to his questions appear to be readily available, known to everybody in the country who cares about this matter, except for John McCain.

Here`s what I mean. Yesterday, Senator McCain went on FOX News, naturally, to continue to advance his theory of a massive White House cover-up of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Senator McCain
has been advancing this cover-up theory for weeks now, demanding answers.

But he appears to be tuning out those answers that he`s demanding when they are, in fact, provided to him. It is getting weirder and weirder over time. Here, watch.


MCCAIN: Who changed the talking points that were used by Ambassador Rice?


MADDOW: That is a question, Senator McCain, that we have the answer to.

The intelligence agencies acknowledged last week that they were the ones who changed the talking points. Senator McCain, you know that. We know you know that, because you open put a statement about it when it happened. That question is answered.

But he still has questions.


MCCAIN: Who changed the talking points that were used by Ambassador Rice, and why and under what circumstances?


MADDOW: Another question to which everybody already has the answer as we learned again last week. The talking points originally linked the attack to al Qaeda. When the document was sent to the rest of the
intelligence community for review, a decision was made to change al Qaeda to extremists for intelligence and for legal reasons.

You say you want an answer. That one has been answered in public. Everybody knows. Also, more questions.


MCCAIN: Why were references to al Qaeda left out?


MADDOW: Sir, we`ve known the answer to this one for nearly two whole weeks now. Quote, "A reason the references to al Qaeda were deleted was that the information came from classified sources and the links were tenuous."

I mean, this is strange, right? I mean, John McCain going on national television constantly as the point man for this supposed mass cover-up. He does not appear to be familiar with even the basic details of the story
that have been made public. Even the basic details of the story he is alleging was covered up.

Senator McCain outdid even himself, though, yesterday when he offered this as his latest piece of smoking gun evidence that something is definitely rotten here.


MCCAIN: We knew within hours all the details when we got bin Laden in the raid there, every one of them. They are making a movie out of it.

Now, here we are 10 weeks later and finally, our ambassador of the United Nation who appeared on every national Sunday show has now said she gave false information concerning how this tragedy happened.


MADDOW: OK. Think about this for a second. We knew all the details of the bin Laden raid right away. Why would it take 10 weeks to figure out all of the details of the Benghazi raid?

Think about this just for a second. The bin Laden raid, for the record, was our raid. We planned it. America planned it. We knew all the details of it right away because it was our idea. America carried it out.

The attack on the consulate in Benghazi was not us, unless that`s the next part of your giant cover-up conspiracy. Why -- different things, right? Done by different people.

There`s obviously something else going on here, right? I mean, the purported concern here. What we are supposed to believe about this whole Benghazi scandal, the purported concern is -- I`m sorry for the language. But it is getting stupider and stupider by the day, to the point of being a really special kind of stupid by now.

And I will just say that on the other side of this, my personal cockamamie conspiracy theory about this is seeming less and less comparatively implausible. I mean, last night in the show, we talked about the other thing that may be at the root of this current campaign -- this weird, fact-free campaign against U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. Ambassador Rice is one of two candidates reportedly on the short list to become the next secretary of state after Hillary Clinton.

The other candidate is Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. And if somehow Susan Rice is disqualified from becoming secretary of state and President Obama then picks John Kerry instead, guess what happens in the United States Senate? Massachusetts suddenly has an open U.S. Senate seat, as well as a certain Republican senator from that state who is basically just sitting around doing nothing since he just lost his re-election effort.

I know this sounds crazy. I`m fully aware of that fact. But that`s kind of part of the point.

And, honestly, it is getting harder and harder to find a rational explanation for all of this Republican handwringing. It`s been going on over something that Susan Rice said on a Sunday morning talk show two and a half months ago.

I'm quite sure everyone at Fox, including Van Susteren and Caribou Barbie here are more than well aware of all of the points Rachel Maddow made on her show this week, but they don't have enough respect for their viewers to let them know that. That goes without saying though, because if they had any respect for their viewers, they wouldn't continually be doing everything in their power to get them to vote against their own economic interests.

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