Greta Van Susteren Retracts Trumps Birther Nonsense As Soon As He Leaves The Air


Apparently the wingnuts are so desperate to detract from the fact that Mitt Romney is having a really bad news cycle from refusing to release his tax returns, that they're willing to throw the birtherism nonsense out there instead as a distraction.

The more Donald Trump keeps this nonsense up and keeps pushing this birther conspiracy theory, the more there's an argument to be made that the man should be barred from the airways completely without huge banners running across the screen underneath his likeness telling the viewers that whatever you're watching here is utter bulls**t and you take this liar seriously at your own peril.

What was astounding about this segment on Fox is that after letting Trump tout this conspiracy theory as to why there is supposedly something to see in the President's college records and attempt to explain, poorly, why he thought this was a fair response to Romney not releasing his tax returns, host Greta Van Susteren did something you almost never see on Fox. She told her audience Trump is full of it.

Here's the Snopes post on Trumps' birther nonsense. And here's now Van Susteren ended the segment after repeatedly trying to get Trump to justify the claims about the money being spent for supposed and unsubstantiated cover ups while interviewing him.

VAN SUSTEREN: Now during our interview, Donald Trump said Obama spent $4 million to keep his records secret. Now, we did try to confirm his claims, but we were unable to.

Or in other words, the guy I was just letting spew lies in the interview you just watched is full of crap, but I wasn't willing to call him out for it while I had him on the air. Bravo Greta. Why bother if you're going to let him go unchallenged while you had a chance to refute him? And before anyone else answers, that was a rhetorical question we all already know the answer to. I expect hell to freeze over before we'll ever see the likes of Van Susteren answer it honestly on the air.

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