Haley Barbour Plays The 'Center-Right' Country, No One Is To The Left Of Obama Game


Haley Barbour does his best to distort what liberalism even means with his America has lurched too far to the left and there's no one to the left of Barack Obama nonsense. Of course DLC corporate Democrat Tim Kaine or the hapless David Gregory weren't going to dispute him either.

They all know full well that Obama is not a liberal and that the only place this country has been lurching is into something that resembles a plutocracy rather than a democracy, which is anything but "lurching to the left".

GREGORY: Governor Kaine, are we looking at a realignment here, politically, in Washington? Or something of a split decision on Tuesday?

KAINE: Well, David, I think the Republicans are saying they’re gonna take both houses. We believe we’re gonna hold onto both houses. And we’re gonna see. I’m not gonna predict. I-- I-- I believe that we’ll hold onto both houses. But the margins will get narrower, because the American public isn’t a 59-41 nation. The margins will get narrower. I think this is a choice, a clear choice, not a referendum.

It’s a choice between a Democratic Party that is doing heavy lifting to turn a shrinking economy that the Republicans left us into a growing economy. Stopping combat operations on Iraq. And so many other key achievements. And what you have on the Republican side was crystallized by Senator McConnell this week. He was asked, "What is the number one Republican priority, if you take over either house?" He didn’t talk about jobs. Didn’t talk about deficits. He said, "We want President Obama to be a one term President." They have a political and partisan agenda, which they’ve had from day one. We’re the problem solvers trying to great this nation going after a lost decade that they created.

GREGORY: Governor Barbour, do you see realignment? Do you-- you see the house going-- most political analysts believe that Republicans retake the House.

BARBOUR: Well-- what I see is we’ve just gone through in the last nearly two years the biggest lurch to the left in American political history. And if you mean a realignment, the American People want to yank America back away from that, yeah. They do. Do I see a realignment in the sense of-- that one party is gonna win some total control? No, I don’t. I think Tim is right that we’re a center right nation. And I think that this-- election will push us back toward the center, but it’s because people know that the Obama P-- Pelosi/Reid policies have been far left.


GREGORY: With 30 seconds left, I want to ask you what 2010 means to 2012. Do you think the President faces a challenge from the left-- left. A primary challenge in 2012?

KAINE: No, I think the President has got solid support among Democrats that I see. Because look, they understand. We were in a lost decade. We’ve taken a shrinking economy and turned it into a growing one. Stopped combat operations in Iraq. Equal pay for women. Saved the auto industry. The President is gonna be the Democratic nominee in 2012. And we feel like the progress that he’s been able to achieve is gonna put him in very, very good shape.

GREGORY: Governor Barbour, you said you’d wait till the end of the year to judge the mood about your own potential run for the presidency. Will you challenge the President in 2012?

BARBOUR: We’re gonna decide after November 2nd. But I was thinking about the President and challenge from the left. Who is there to the left of him?

GREGORY: So, you haven’t decided about a run for the presidency?

BARBOUR: Haven’t given it any thought. After this election’s over, we’ll sit down and see if there’s anything to think about.

GREGORY: All right. We’re gonna leave it there.

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