Wow. Even poor old John McCain can't get any respect on Fox these days. During an extremely contentious interview with Sean Hannity Thursday evening, Hannity ends up cutting McCain's mic after he refuses to agree with him that the United States
September 14, 2012

Wow. Even poor old John McCain can't get any respect on Fox these days. During an extremely contentious interview with Sean Hannity Thursday evening, Hannity ends up cutting McCain's mic after he refuses to agree with him that the United States should cut off aid to Egypt after the protests there over the last week.

It's pretty bad when Fox is so desperate to attack the Obama administration that they can't even get McCain to go along with them:

HANNITY: This is a Fox News alert. The violence has fanned out across the Middle East with anti-U.S. protests spreading in countries like Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh and Morocco.

And the U.S. is fearing that this violence will continue to spread. We will continue to monitor the situation throughout this hour.

Joining me now with reaction from Washington, Arizona Senator John McCain. By the way, Senator, I do know that you personally knew Ambassador Chris Stevens. I am sorry about the loss, both for him, the country and his family and all the other families involved. Thank you for being with us.

SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN (R), ARIZONA: Thank you for saying that, Sean. Shawn Smith and the other two Americans, our hearts and prayers go out to them and their families. Thank you.

I want to say that Chris Stevens was one of the finest men that I have had the opportunity and honor of knowing. He came to Benghazi on a cargo ship, lived in a hotel, and risked his life, every single day. He loved the Libyan people and he loved America.

HANNITY: All right, so I am beyond outraged, angry, Senator. Here we have, our embassy is attacked, our flag ripped down, chanting, you know, that is going on in support of al Qaeda, et cetera, and the official position of the Obama administration through their State Department, for anywhere between 10 and 16 hours is we apologize to them! I am trying to understand this, Senator?

MCCAIN: Well, I am not sure there was an apology, but it certainly was a statement that was so weak that they later retracted it and changed it. But it obviously is a situation, which the Egyptian government had the responsibility to protect our embassy and they failed in that responsibility.

HANNITY: All right, if President Morsi is referring to the United States as -- to Israel as vampires, which he did. If the Muslim Brotherhood, which he is the president of Egypt, they are calling for more these protests, if Morsi goes to meet with the Supreme Court leader of Iran and the Ayatollahs, why are we giving $2 billion taxpayer dollars to Egypt and the president reaffirming today that we are going to continue to give money to this government? Is that a mistake?

MCCAIN: I think that we have understand several things. By the way, President Morsi did go to Tehran and condemn Bashar Al-Assad, which was a pleasant turn of events --

HANNITY: Did he condemn Iran when he was there? No! What was the purpose for that meeting, except probably to align with Iran and their hatred for Israel?

MCCAIN: Well, I know that -- that Egypt is the heart and soul of the Arab world. It is not in our interest to see it travel down the path towards radical Islamist extremism. It is not in our interest to see al Qaeda gain a foothold there.

And I think that we have to carefully calibrate whether our assistance will help or hurt. Obviously, there needs to be a re-examination of our relationship with Egypt, as a result of what happened in the last few days.
But at the same time, to cut off aid and relations with Egypt I think is not an appropriate move, to tell you the truth.

HANNITY: How is it that Sean Hannity and a few others of us out here predicted with pin-point accuracy that the Muslim Brotherhood would be in charge in Egypt?

Their first task when they took over the parliament was to declare Israel, our closest ally, an enemy, their number one enemy. How is it that the administration with all their intelligence and the CIA -- how is it that they didn't see this coming?!

And they kept telling the American people, this is democracy. I don't think the Muslim Brotherhood is democracy. They want Sharia Law implemented now in Egypt.

MCCAIN: Well, first of all. It is not clear that that's true. It was and you people on Fox that said in Libya, we didn't know who they were and let's not help these people.

They had an election and they elected moderates and rejected Islamists and yes, there are al Qaeda factors and there are extremists in Libya today.

But the Libyan people are friends of ours and they support us and they support democracy -- so you were wrong about Libya.

HANNITY: I don't think I was wrong about Libya at all.

MCCAIN: Yes, I do. I know you were.

HANNITY: No, I was not.

MCCAIN: They had a free and fair election and a democratic, non- Islamic government was elected.

HANNITY: Look what we have -- I always say, what you are going to replace it with? Egypt -- they didn't think the Muslim Brotherhood would take it over! This is a known terror organization! We say we are fighting a war on terror!

We are apologizing, our government, to Egypt?! After they raid our embassy and rip our flag down? Frankly, Senator, I would think you are with me on this!

MCCAIN: I am not taking the side of the administration. I am saying that the largest nation in the Arab world is something we have to carefully calibrate our actions with.

HANNITY: Senator, thanks for being with us.

Coming up, comparing Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama. We are going to play you the words that Obama used today and the words of Jimmy Carter used back in 1979.

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