Jeffrey Sachs Makes Some Sane Arguments On Our Budget Priorities


Jeffrey Sachs was actually allowed some air time on Morning Joe to make a lot of really great points about how America is spending our money in the midst of what's being called a budget crisis. I would argue that we don't have a budget crisis. We have a refusal to levy adequate taxation on those that can afford it "crisis" created by our politicians who refuse to raise taxes on the rich at at time in our history that resembles the Gilded Age with income disparity. As Sachs noted, we're going after discretionary spending which hits in is words, science, education, technology, and energy and he's exactly right on how our approach to what we should be cutting is completely wrong.

As he noted we're not going after the extreme amount of waste in our military industrial complex, we're not fixing the amount of profits going to the insurance companies that are driving up the cost of our health care, the oil industry and corporate tax evasion. Instead we're looking to cut programs that harm the working class in America and I just want to say thank you to Jeffrey Sachs for laying out there how wrong headed our economic policies in the United States have been for at least the last thirty years.

Scarborough's response of course was to say that our working class and our seniors just haven't given quite enough so the oligarchs can keep their pockets lined. Brzezinski to her credit, pointed out that her father said if this keeps up we might see people taking to the streets and that he was called crazy for saying so. She didn't lay it on her buddy Scarborough and said he might not have been the one that said it, but I have the feeling that he was exactly who she was talking about and she gave him a pass. Of course Joe thought it was a good time to go to commercial break after she pointed that out to him.

I'm wondering if they'll have Sachs on again any time soon since he dared to speak the truth on that show. I'm not holding my breath for him to get another chance to say what he did today.


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