Jim DeMint Is Allowed To Pretend That The 'Tea Party' Is Not Just The Extreme Right Wing Of The Republican Party


Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) was allowed to come on MSNBC's Morning Joe and pretend like the Republican astroturf rebranding effort called the "tea party" which is primarily made up of the extreme right wing of their party is not a "Republican movement". When pressed on whether or not on whether the "tea party" is primarily made up of Republicans, DeMint insisted that if they don't do what the voters want, you'll see a third party form down the road, like that's ever going to happen.

What little there was that anyone called the tea party that anyone might have considered grass roots has long ago been highjacked by a bunch of corporate lobbyists and Republican insiders and big monied interests like the Koch brothers and the chances of them forming a third party probably ranges from about slim to none. What's pitiful is that they've been allowed to take over the Republican Party and push them even further to the right.

About the only good thing about this little lie-fest that DeMint was allowed to have where he was doing some more hostage taking and posturing on what Republicans are or are not going to agree to on these debt ceiling talks is that he was called out for his hypocrisy on spending and paying for our debt by Mike Barnicle. If Barnicle had maybe done an ounce of follow up, I might have gained an ounce of respect for him, but of course he didn't.

Barnicle asked him if it was irresponsible to go to war in Iraq without paying for it and DeMint agreed that it was, but his reply basically amounted to "I'm a recovering earmarker now" and we've got to do things differently.

So in other words, don't dare ask my rich campaign donors to pay for my previous actions and allowing the United States to go invading countries that were never a threat to us. And now it's fine to take it out of the hides of the middle class and the poor after we gave the rich all of those tax breaks at the same time. They're the "job creators" even though they're not creating any jobs. Man I'm tired of this ridiculous spin going unchallenged day after day.


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