Program To Raise Awareness On Poverty And Food Insecurity: Greg Gutfeld Snarks, Lawrence O'Donnell Clarifies


Lawrence O'Donnell took Fox's Greg Gutfeld to the woodshed for his snide attacks on chef Mario Batali and his efforts to raise awareness about the difficulties of living on food stamps. O'Donnell showed us yet another example of why that god awful show of Gutfeld's, The Red Eye, is so horrible it's really unwatchable. It's awful by even Fox's standards, so that's saying something.

Here's more on that from Media Matters: When Will Fox Take The Food Stamp Challenge?:

Not content to shame food stamps recipients and bully them into silence, Fox News is now targeting efforts to raise awareness of poverty and food insecurity.

The latest front in the Fox News war on anti-poverty measures takes aim at chef Mario Batali as he highlights the difficulties of living on food stamps -- problems that are routinely dismissed on Fox while the network pushes for drastic cuts to nutritional aid and other anti-poverty measures. Batali, who sits on the board at the New York City food pantry, is trying to live on a $31 food budget for a week in order to illustrate the struggles families face trying to survive on a food stamp budget, even as the right looks to cut funding for the program:

For one week, the acclaimed chef Mario Batali is challenging Americans to "walk in someone else's shoes" by eating only what they would be able to buy with food stamps.

Batali, the star of ABC's "The Chew," partnered with the New York City Food Bank to raise awareness about potential cuts to the food stamp program, which helps feed 46 million Americans.

Discussing Batali's role in the food stamp challenge, Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld asked, "Does this make you want to slap him around?"

Gutfeld's dismissive mocking of Batali's efforts comes amid an exhaustive campaign by Fox to demonize those who receive food stamps while simultaneously minimizing their struggles. Read on...

As O'Donnell pointed out, in the segment on Fox he showed above, Gutfeld and his guests claimed that Batali could do more good by putting those in poverty to work, ignoring that he is already responsible for employing who knows how many thousands of people at his numerous restaurants and those who are employed because of his successful television program. And they completely ignore the amount good work Batali's doing through his charitable foundations to help keep poor people fed, not to mention the amount of taxes he pays that goes towards supporting those on government assistance as well, which unlike the yappers over at Fox, he's not complaining about and demanding to have lowered.

As the Media Matters post went onto note, they're all too busy demonizing the poor than offering any solutions themselves to the problem of hunger and poverty in America and none of them have been willing to take Batali's food stamp challenge themselves.


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