New Rule: If A 14 Year-Old Can Deliver Your Message, It's Not Because He's Gifted, It's Because Intellectually You're A Child


Bill Maher wrapped up his New Rules segment on Real Time this Friday with a message for conservatives who think these 13 and 14 year old wunderkinds of theirs like radio host and Rush Limbaugh wannabe Caiden Cowger, or their hit at CPAC a couple years ago, Jonathan Krohn, are so special.

MAHER: And finally New Rule, if a 14 year-old can deliver your message, it's not because he's gifted. It's because intellectually, you're a child. […]

Wow. It's like one of those time travel movies where Rush Limbaugh goes back in time to when he needed just one Oxycontin to get high. I tell you, this kid's got 90 percent of Rush's venom and only 10 percent of the bio-mass. […]

And you know, Caiden is not the only tween right-winger out there. Back in 2009, Jonathan Krohn, yes, that's a real book – I know, it looks like something we made up, but it's not – he published Defining Conservatism, the Principles That Will Bring Our Country Back... and teach us to shave. Here's a little bit of Jonathan speaking at the CPAC convention. […]

Oh my god, is there a charity or something I can give to? Wedgies Without Borders. I'm not trying to slam these kids, because look, being an asshole is totally understandable when you're 14. You're too young for sex and too old to carry your blankie everywhere. It's a very stressful time. But my point is to Republican adults and it is this:

When 14 year-old boys sound exactly like you do and can produce radio shows and books and speeches that sound exactly like yours, maybe you should rethink the sh*t that's coming out of your mouth.


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