Nicole Wallace wants us to think that the party of no has not been using scorched earth policy and trying to undermine the President at every turn-- e
October 10, 2009

Nicole Wallace wants us to think that the party of no has not been using scorched earth policy and trying to undermine the President at every turn-- even though she worked for the likes of George Bush and the John McCain campaign which brought us that totally non-scorched earth wonder Sarah Palin. You know... the one who said that Barack Obama was "palling around with terrorists".

How could anyone ever get the idea that the Republicans wanted to resort to a "scorched earth" policy after watching that campaign in action?

Of course, that would be asking too much of Anderson Cooper to possibly bring that up to Ms. Wallace, wouldn't it?

And she thinks Bill Frist and Jeb Bush are people "who could end up on the landscape in a presidential landscape down the road".

Really? Jeb-- who's last name is mud since his brother messed up his chances of ever running-- and the cat killer Bill Frist? Bring 'em on Nicole. Bring your good buddy Palin on with them while you're at it if that's the GOP's hope for the next presidential election. I welcome any one of them as the GOP's next nominee.

COOPER: Nicolle, have -- critics of the Republicans say, basically, look, they have a scorched-earth policy going on right now, that they are opposing anything that President Obama supports.

Is that fair?

WALLACE: That's not fair. And it's not true.

I mean, Jeb Bush has been very complimentary of Obama's Education Department secretary so far. Today, he said he was encouraged. Bill Frist was on, you know, as a very credible voice, as a doctor, talking about the need for health care reform. John McCain is -- is a statesman's statesman. And he is providing a lot of leadership and I think productive and constructive ideas...


COOPER: But you're kind of clutching at straws. I mean, Jeb Bush and Bill Frist?


WALLACE: These aren't straws. These are certainly people that...


COOPER: Bill Frist is like, you know...


WALLACE: But these are people who could end up on the landscape in a presidential landscape down the road.

So, I think when you -- you look at Washington, sure, you look at House members. But when you look at the American public at large, you know, not all of what happens in Washington breaks through.

COOPER: So, you don't -- you don't buy Paul Krugman's argument that -- that anything the president -- that, out of spite, anything President Obama is for, they're against?


And, look, at a serious level, I think that we have given way too much attention and power to the fringe on both sides. I don't think they speak for a vast majority of people. I -- I think, you know, you can sit a Democrat and a Republican at a table, and they would probably agree on 80 percent of the problems that we face in the country. They may disagree on how to solve them.

But you put the, you know, nuts on both sides together, they disagree on 100 percent.

And Nicole, I'll take our "fringe" that doesn't like invading other countries that never were a threat to us, doesn't like stolen elections, doesn't like everyone being spied on, doesn't like government operating like a paid arm of the big corporations in this country instead of representing the people that elected them into office-- I'll take them any day over your fringe.

If you think your birthers, and deathers and right wing radio listeners and Fox viewers are the same as those on the left who are actually paying attention to what's going on and upset about it-- if you really believe that-- then you've been drinking your own Kool-Aid for way too long.

I think Nicole Wallace is more concerned about her own wingnut welfare than telling the truth about anything. Otherwise she'd have quit the McCain campaign when they enlisted Palin as the VP.

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