Rachel Maddow Runs Down Tom Coburn's Record Of Hypocrisy


Rachel Maddow responds to Tom Caller for this (warning, link goes to Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller) Coburn: Our goal is to be less emotional than Rachel Maddow:

Coburn used the example of an MSNBC anchor to make his point: “Look at Rachel Maddow. She comes at me on the basis of emotion. She demonizes me. I don’t want conservatives to win on the basis of emotion. If we lower ourselves to the level they operate on, we hurt ourselves and our arguments.”

As Rachel noted Coburn threatened to block all spending bills in the Senate that aren't paid for:

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) on Tuesday vowed to block all future spending bills in the Senate that aren’t fully “paid for” with cuts to other spending programs.

Coburn and other Republicans are already blocking a $9 billion bill to extend jobless benefits for 30 days that isn’t offset with other spending cuts. That impasse halted benefits to 200,000 unemployed people this week. Read on..

She went on to list all of the things that Sen. Coburn has had no problem allowing to pass through the Senate without being paid for such as the Bush tax cuts, more wars, the bank bailouts and he also voted against pay-go. Rachel also pointed to his on-going problems in the corruption scandal of John Ensign and the questions now being asked about his rent at the C-Street house.

Rachel Maddow thankfully has done some of the best reporting out there on Tom Coburn and his fellow C-Street members. His response was to call her an overly emotional woman. Nice. About what I'd expect from someone who has no problem using womens' uteruses for political gain.

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