Sarah Palin Praises 'Bit Of A Libertarian' Rand Paul's Victory In Kentucky


Sean Hannity apparently couldn't get through primary election night without asking Sarah Half-Term-Governor Palin for her invaluable insights on the primary election results. She had lots of praise for "the change that is needed" libertarian Rand Paul and his win in Kentucky. Apparently Palin doesn't think of herself as a former Republican Vice Presidential candidate and now a ClusterFox employee as being part of that "machine" she's so glad Paul is making uncomfortable.

We'll see how that "bit of a libertarian" line is workin' out for ya' after the general election voters start getting a good look at Mr. I'm-as-extreme-as-my-father libertarian Rand Paul in the general election.

Funny Hannity didn't bother to ask her how that "oily, drilly" thing is working out for her. No mention of the disaster in the Gulf with the oil possibly moving into Florida now. Imagine that. I guess Hannity couldn't let some little thing like one of the largest environmental disasters in our nation's history caused by an industry and drilling method Palin used as a talking point to mock Democrats get in the way of allowing her to blather on mindlessly about the primary elections.

I think I lose I.Q. points from just watching either of these two idiots. I can only stand either one of them in small doses. Too much Sean Hannity at one time and I start feeling like Jon Stewart did waiting for his "apology".


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