Spouse Of Supreme Court Justice Thomas Makes No Pretense Of Impartiality


Rachel Maddow showed us the extremism and political activism of wife of Supreme Court Justice and self-proclaimed Tea Party member Ginni Thomas without comment other than to note that she's married to someone that has a lifelong appointment to that court and this is something we've never seen before. I'll not refrain and just say that it's pathetic that I think it's pretty obvious how badly our Supreme Court has been politicized by the right when one of the Justices couldn't bother to ask his wife to refrain from doing this and that it's also really pathetic that our mainstream media for the most part has paid no attention to this story other than to hype her as a "Power Player" over at Fox.

If one of the more liberal members of the court had a spouse out there at either union rallies or something sponsored by MoveOn.org, our media would be covering it like a bunch of rabid dogs and insisting that the Justice renounce the activities of their spouse. But if your wife is out there with the astroturf teabaggers drumming up the hate, you get a collective yawn from them. Pitiful. Good for Rachel for shedding some light on what she's doing in the manner it deserves, with or without comment. The video speaks for itself.

MADDOW: We don't think there is any precedent for a spouse of a sitting Supreme Court Justice being engaged in political activism to the extent that the wife of Associate Justice Clarence Thomas is doing right now and of which we have tape. In general the family member of a Supreme Court justice would not be somebody who's activities would be considered inherently newsworthy. Same goes at least as far as I'm concerned for politician's families, unless they get themselves involved in politics.

But I don't know of anybody else who has ever held the job title "Supreme Court Justice" while their spouse has been a very public national activist like this. So noted without further comment, just so you know it's true... Clarence Thomas' wife, Ginni Thomas.

(Cut to video)

They're scared to death of you... cheers. There's a war going on against tyranny. We're at risk of losing the country. Ginni Thomas is married to Clarence Thomas who has a lifetime appointment as a justice of the United States Supreme Court and other than that, we are noting that without comment.

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