Virginia "Ginni" Thomas was so very careful to be very specific about what she does to the January 6 panel, but she doesn't tell her husband. We all know it's a joke, because he's her "best friend."
LOL Ginni Thomas: Clarence Knows Nothing About What I Do
Virginia "Ginni" Thomas at her January 6 committee interview.Credit: Getty Images
December 30, 2022

Reading Ginni Thomas' deposition below is a little like taking a trip into a land where no one knows what anyone else in the same household is doing, or thinking, or crying about. If she is to be believed, Clarence Thomas has no clue that she's an ardent Trump fan, or who her friends are, or that she sits on the board of the Council for National Policy's 501(c)(4) action group, or anything like that!

It's almost like they don't sleep in the same bed or eat dinner together or anything!!! But if you read what she said carefully, it's pretty clear he knows exactly where her heart is and what she was doing.

Also, she conveeeeeniently took a "sabbatical" from all of her activism between November 9, 2020 and January 6th or thereabouts to spare her friends the "chilling effect" her marriage might have on their discussions about insurrections and the like. Okay, she didn't explicitly say that about insurrections. That was my inference.

Here's what she says in her opening statement about Daddy Justice Thomas on page 6: "I can guarantee that my husband has never spoken to me about pending cases in the Court. It's an ironclad rule in our house. Additionally, he's uninterested in politics, the topics I'm working on, who I'm calling, who I'm emailing, who I'm texting, or who I'm meeting."

I can see where the part about him not talking about pending cases would be true. However, for a guy who is uninterested in politics, he sure went out of his way to do a photo op with Herschel Walker at the Supreme Court ahead of the midterm election. I'm sure he's not interested in politics, though. He probably just likes old retired football players, right?

She goes on in her opening statement to add this: "It's laughable for anyone who knows my husband to think I could influence his jurisprudence. The man is independent and stubborn, with strong character traits of independence and integrity."

Preposterous to think she could influence him in any way, sure. But when two people are of like minds, well, that's something else again, isn't it?

The New York Times notes this:

Ginni Thomas insists, in her council biography, that she and her husband operate in “separate professional lanes,” but those lanes in fact merge with notable frequency. For the three decades he has sat on the Supreme Court, they have worked in tandem from the bench and the political trenches to take aim at targets like Roe v. Wade and affirmative action. Together they believe that “America is in a vicious battle for its founding principles,” as Ginni Thomas has put it. Her views, once seen as on the fringe, have come to dominate the Republican Party. And with Trump’s three appointments reshaping the Supreme Court, her husband finds himself at the center of a new conservative majority poised to shake the foundations of settled law. In a nation freighted with division and upheaval, the Thomases have found their moment.

And this is exactly why it matters. Because after Trump lost the 2020 election, Ginni Thomas was hard at work putting together a call to action with Council for National Policy Action. In her interview, she said she skipped the meeting on November 11th, but says she wasn't involved with any of the legal challenges either, which is a very careful way of distancing herself without actually distancing herself. One read through the Groundswell emails from 2013 or the meeting they had where they specifically discussed how they wanted to suppress the vote on the left for generations to come will tell you that Ginni Thomas is the one circulating the ideas in the background.

She didn't have to go to a meeting to know what is being hatched, and she very carefully separated herself from the legal challenges, which were only a part of the messaging around Trump's loss. The more important and destructive messaging was the unsubstantiated claim that there had been widespread voter fraud, causing the election to be "stolen" from Trump.

In her interview, we learn that she not only maintains her high level presence in Groundswell, the coalition of 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) groups, she is also active in a state-based coalition -- Frontliners. They, too, have a weekly Zoom call where they can actively coordinate with state-based activists. According to her own words, she is "an instigator," "a leader". She was "helping them set agendas where [she] could, helping look for State leaders that were missing" whom she knew.

So we know that Ginni is a leader in the Groundswell group, and now also in this Frontliners group of state-based grassroots activists. And what was happening on the right after the election? Hmmmm what could it be? Oh snap!! It was a state-based effort to submit "alternate" (or what I would call fraudulent) electors to overturn the results of the election.

In her interview, she admits to texting with Mark Meadows and also Jared Kushner, hoping to "buck him up and encourage him to stand firm until all the evidence is in." But she wasn't very active at all, no, nope.

Another Groundswell member, Paul Teller, worked for Mike Pence during this time. And she admits in this interview that she's disappointed in Pence because he doesn't seem to want to fight the results of the election. Keep in mind, the court cases were unanimously finding no evidence of fraud and certainly not on a scale that would overturn the results in any state. Not Georgia, not Arizona, not Wisconsin, not anywhere.

Nevertheless, she persisted. And again, I point this out because she is so careful to parse what she does and doesn't talk to her hubby about. Maybe she doesn't talk about email or meetings or texts, but there is no way she didn't share her firm belief that the election was stolen by those crafty fraudsters on the left.

Without turning this into a 20-page article, I'll just hit the remaining high points. Her friends John Eastman and Chuck Devore were brought into Groundswell to work on the "79-day Project" intended to game out how liberals would behave following Trump's re-election. Yes, they were sure it was the left who would have the tantrum.

She did not personally know of any fraud which had taken place. She chose to say there was fraud because her friends on the ground were sure there had to be, since Trump was doing rallies and Biden wasn't.

When Ginni mentioned to Mark Meadows that she'd had a conversation with her "best friend" that calmed her down after she texted him, she was referring to Clarence. Yes, that Clarence who knew nothing of who she texted or emailed, but surely understood how distraught she was over Trump losing.

She said he made her feel better but couldn't actually remember what he said.

And finally, she only went to the Ellipse to "feel out the crowd." John Eastman and maybe Rudy were speaking but it was cold and she went home.

The only threads running through this entire interview: She doesn't remember anything that might be important, and her husband doesn't know anything about what she does.

And if you believe that, you probably believe Trump is a billionaire too.

Virginia L. Thomas interview with Jan. 6 committee by Karoli on Scribd

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