March 25, 2022

I can't believe that so many of the media establishment types are shocked, SHOCKED that there is gambling in Casablanca -- or that Ginni and Clarence Thomas have been walking conflicts of interest for a very long time.

I mean, she started her own lobbying firm and lobbied for causes that were to come before her husband -- who never, ever recused himself.

Even on the Affordable Care Act, when Democrats were pointing it out.

And when the story came out that Clarence Thomas "forgot" to report her lobbying income for 20 years, did anyone in Our Librul Media pursue the story like a dog with a bone? Ha ha, just kidding!

We know she was hoovering up cash from big corporations to push the Tea Party agenda.

We know about Ginni's work behind the scenes at Groundswell and the influential Council for National Policy to push extreme right-wing positions into legislation.

NO ONE in the media should pretend to be surprised by this latest story involving Ginni texting to Mark Meadows. God knows, the media's been avoiding the Ginni/Clarence conflicts for a very long time. Because hey, if there isn't an indictment, it didn't really happen, right? (That rule, of course, is only for Republicans. If it's a Democrat, we'll turn up the heat to MAKE an indictment happen.)

They're only covering this story because thanks to the Jan. 6th committee, it fell into their laps. After all, they ignored the fine work previously done by David Corn at Mother Jones or Jane Mayer at the New Yorker. They did all the work, yet they still ignored it! (And by "ignored it," I don't mean they never mentioned it in passing. I mean, they didn't respond with the kind of sustained, relentless coverage that greeted Hillary Clinton's emails.)

So they'll make some noise for a few days or weeks, and then drop this outrageous scandal when the next shiny object comes along. Because journalists would really prefer not do their jobs if it's going to upset powerful people. (And by that, I mean the people who were paying for what Ginni Thomas seems to have delivered.)

UPDATE: Clarence is out of the hospital.

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