May 27, 2010

Apparently Rep. Steve King, R-Nutsville, doesn't think the Department of Justice has any lawyers capable of drawing up their own legal briefs and of course in the wingnuts like King's world, if the brief agrees with anything in the ACLU's lawsuit against Arizona's immigration law SB 1070, the evil commie "leftist" organizations suing Arizona are really the ones running the DOJ.

After he carried on about how terrible Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, John Morton, President Obama, Michael Posner, amd Mexican President Felipe Calderon all were for voicing their opposition to the new law, repeating the tired talking point that none of them have read it, King had this to say about some Chinese immigrants who haven't yet been deported:

King: I'll go even further. Michael Posner, the Assistant Secretary of State, he said he brought it up early and often to the Chinese that we had a problem with a law in Arizona that could bring about racial profiling. These are the people that... we've got 40,000 Chinese in the United States that have been adjudicated for deportation... the Chinese won't take them back. And we're sending them some 550 year old bones from paleo, ah... paleo vertebrates that, so they can keep their artifacts straight. We need to send them the 40,000 Chinese that they won't take. Deport them as well as the bones, Mr. Speaker.

Nice. Should we just box them up with the bones, Steve King? What a jerk. Then we get to this wingnut hackery.

King: And I'll make this further prediction now Mr. Speaker. That is that the announcement came out today that the Justice Department under Eric Holder, it now has a legal brief that recommends that they bring suit against Arizona. Here's my prediction. ACLU has written that legal brief for the Justice Department... that a-political, nonpolitical Justice Department has a brief that one day we'll get our hands on, a draft brief... release the draft is what needs to happen from the Attorney General, but in that draft we'll find the ACLU that's already sued Arizona with a 98 page case, there's the document that they're using to put their brief together in the Justice Department. The President gave the order to the Attorney General to look into Arizona's law and a Justice Department under Attorney General Holder looked at the lawsuit that's been brought by the ACLU and MALDEF and other organizations that are hard core left wing including SEIU and they have lifted the language right out of that lawsuit and that will be the draft Mr. Speaker.

That's my prediction and I put my marker down. When we get our hands on the draft from the Attorney General's office I will take that draft and I will take the language and I will highlight the language right out of the ACLU's lawsuit and I'll show you how the Justice Department lifted that language out of the lawsuit of the ACLU and MALDEF, the Mexican American Legal Defense Foundation and put it right into their draft advisory and the federal government will be conducting and carrying out the order of the President in a nonpolitical office, supposedly according to Holder's testimony at the direction of the ACLU and MALDEF and La Raza and the other organizations, the SEIU and many others that are hard core leftist organizations in this country. If we're going to have the rule of law it's got to be impartial, it's got to be objective, it's got to be Constitutional, it's got to be statutory and it's got to be consistent with case law. Arizona's law is all of those things but this Justice Department's unjustified attacks on Arizona is anything but.

It's a conspiracy... oh my! The leftists are telling the White House and the DOJ what to do. Don't I wish. If that were the case we'd have the Bush administration prosecuted for war crimes, Rove would be in jail for the AG scandal and his part in putting Don Siegelman in prison and that's just the start of the list. As usual there's no amount of race-baiting this wingnut won't use for political advantage.

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