Stewart Rips Beck For His Plans To Build His Libertarian Fantasy - Independence USA


Jon Stewart had a field day with wingnut and too crazy for Fox "news" flamethrower Glenn Beck, who went and followed in the footsteps of the "patriots" who decided to build their own little utopia that Dave told us about here: Threepers Creepers: On Far-Right Fringes, the Exodus to the Woods is Under Way.

Regular readers of this blog have probably already read Ellen's post on Beck's plans to "build himself some kind of libertarian-utopia theme park called Independence, USA" but in case you missed it and want to know more about what Stewart was mocking in the segment above, you can catch up here: Glenn Beck Announces Plans To Build A Libertarian Disneyland.

Here's more from Mediaite on Stewart's takedown of Beck: Stewart Eviscerates Glenn Beck’s Freedom Town Plans: Sounds Like A ‘Perfect Marxist Utopia’:

If you love America, then why wouldn’t you want to live in a town that isolates you from the rest of America? Jon Stewart helped pitch these new isolated towns by advocates of a less intrusive federal government, including one promoted by Glenn Beck. Beck has repeatedly emphasized that he wants to stop the government from stifling freedoms, which is why Stewart found it odd that his libertarian utopia sounds instead like a Marxist utopia. [...]

Stewart took issue with Beck’s adherence to patterns is a supposedly free society, as well as his bizarre insistence that there will be ABSOULTELY NO GAP or Ann Taylor to shop at. And with Beck’s suggestion that all food be local, Stewart used Beck’s own words about controlling people to basically compare Beck to a Hitler-like leader.

Stewart found it striking that Beck’s right-wing, liberty-minded town sounds so much like a “perfect Marxist utopia,” particularly with Beck’s comment that his town will “break the class barriers,” and got to the real heart of what Independence, USA is about.

“They don’t really believe in freedom. ‘Freedom to.’ They believe in ‘freedom from.’ Freedom from liberals, from people they disagree with. From the sensibly priced clothing of Ann Taylor. These folks that cloak themselves in patriotism pretending they alone can reveal the true intent of our Constitution are not our Founding Fathers incarnate. They’re just another shitty neighborhood association whose nostalgia utopia will fall apart the minute somebody decides to paint their house mauve.”

Stewart wrapped things up by saying that if anyone needed him, he'd be in his back yard, eating hot dogs, drinking beer and listening to a little Springsteen. Sounds like a whole lot more fun than living in Beck's libertarian compound to me.


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