Think Bush Is To Blame For The Bad Economy? O'Reilly Thinks You're A Moron

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Bill O'Reilly has been trying to construct an alternative reality of how the country's financial sector collapsed and apparently in his construct, if you believe that Bush played any part in it, you're a "moron."

Rough transcript:

O'REILLY: Now Leslie, do you feel that America is in decline Leslie? Do you feel we're on the downside here?

MARSHALL: I actually have to say to be 100% honest, Bill, yes, some of America is on the decline, but I don't blame the president or any one party for that... No I blame the politicizing on both sides and more so on the Republican side as the polls show the most of the majority of Americans agree with me on. And if we don't have (crosstalk)

O'REILLY: Wait a minute. What poll agrees with you that the Republican Party is responsible for the decline of America? What poll is that?

MARSHALL: The Republicans in the House... (crosstalk)

O'REILLY: The Al Franken poll? What poll was that? The Michael Moore poll?

MARSHALL: No, (crosstalk)

O'REILLY: You're pulling stuff out of your hat and you know you can't back it up.

MARSHALL: No I'm not...

O'REILLY: The majority of Americans are not...

MARSHALL: There's low approval ratings for the Republicans in Congress...

O'REILLY: That's low approval ratings different than blaming Republicans in the House for the decline of America. Leslie, under the Democratic House, okay, they ran up more than a $5 trillion debt in four years, okay? And it didn't work. The economy is worse. So what moron would blame Republicans for the current epidemic, for the current problems we have in the economic region?


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