Bill O'Reilly Gets His Hate On Because " Progressive Bloggers" Met With President Obama

Bill O'Reilly's undies got in a bunch because I had a meeting with president Obama along with a few other bloggers. To Bill, George Soros is everywhere, but his contributions are pale in comparison with the likes of the Koch Brothers. The Right has many more billionaires and millionaires who are funding their efforts to radicalize America.

O'Reilly:...and the President met with five far left bloggers at the White House. folks who have said extremely hateful things...

If holding Bill O accountable is considered far left, then I'm in. At least Bill used a decent snapshot of me in his piece -- and isn't it funny that he couldn't find anything "hateful" that I supposedly said? Even when he plucked comments from Oliver and Barbara -- they were very tame in contrast to many of the things Tea Partiers say everyday. O'Reilly's comments are often hateful, including his attack of the young Shawn Hornbeck, who he blamed for for his own abduction and molestation. Joe Trippi went on to defend us, I guess, but I'd rather take up my own cause against BillO, but he'd never have me on. I've refused to go on FOX up to this point, but one of these days I might make an exception. I'd put up my record against Bill's any day.

Oh, by the way, remember when right-wing milbloggers met with Bush in the Roosevelt Room? Tears were forthcoming then, weren't they?

Digby writes:

If a Democrat wins the presidency and you get the chance to sit in the Roosevelt Room and have a chat with him or her about issues of the day, try not to cry. (And try to refrain from sharing with the folks the fact that you "tinkled" in the white house. It's icky.)

"Being right next to him, I caught a single tear attempt to roll down his left cheek before he casually wiped it away.

Truthfully, it's kind of sweet that all these bloodthirsty milbloggers turned into weeping fangirls in the presence of their commander in chief. They just love him so much. It kind of brings a tear to my eye too

And of course one right wing blogger called Mrs. Greyhawk of the Mudville Gazette had this gem:

Mrs. Greyhawk added another highlight: "I tinkled in the Whitehouse."

That's the kind of stories right wing bloggers like to write about. How embarrassing. And here's a memo to Bill. Soros wasn't at the meeting or involved, but he does dominate Bill's world, doesn't he?


I also questioned the President on two other topics that progressives are very interested in. One to see if he supported filibuster reform and the other about the Dream Act and immigration reform. I'll have more on that later.


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