Bill O'Reilly Says That Secular Progressives Will Want To Revoke Christmas As A Federal Holiday

(h/t Heather)

You are reading the headline correctly. Bill O'Reilly really has no material to work with on his phony "War on Christmas" theme-based show, so he's resorted to just making sh&t up. F&F's Gretchen Carlson is all fired up too over the big Christmas crisis so far. The only incident that he's been really passionate about because -- there ain't nothin' to complain about anywhere else -- is in Washington state. David gives you the back story:

According to Bill O'Reilly, it's the fact that an atheist group was permitted to erect a holiday display alongside a Nativity scene at the state Capitol in Washington on

What really got Gretchen was a possible exhibit for the great "Festivus" holiday from Seinfield being proposed too. Hey, she can take only so much.

Carlson: When they wanted to do Festivus, give me a break.

O'Reilly: This is a mocking of Gregoire...

Carlson: To me that was the final straw today because Bill, what is going to be next?

O'Reilly: What's going to be next is in our secular progressive society they are going to try and revoke the federal holiday. You wait and see. That's going to come.

Carlson: That's what I said. Jesus is taking a back seat.

They're going to say separation of church and state, you can't have a federal holiday based on religion. You wait and see, that's what's going to be next.

Hey, I like Christmas and all, but Bill is speaking in "baby talk" over this stuff. We're assuming that most of us have jobs next year, what a moronic man who nobody likes, not even his boss. America doesn't get enough time off as it is and even if people objected to a federally mandated law based on it, I doubt they mind getting the time off from work. Oh, and Bill: Merry Christmas.


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