Blue America's Rapid Response Ad Against John Boehner's Nonsensical Speech

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I have to tell you, watching John Boehner give a speech about economic policy is like watching Tiger Woods shilling for FRC's Defense of Marriage act. It was very disturbing to see a man who used to pass out tobacco money checks on the floor of Congress actually express an opinion on the state of economy. He's been living off of wingnut welfare and corporate payoffs for a very long time. Did you think Blue America would let him get away with it?

Digby writes:

He's got a real gift for saying absolutely nothing with the careless aplomb of an empty playboy years past his prime.

Unfortunately, he's actually a thoroughly corrupt tool of corporate interests who wields great power over millions of people and as the potential speaker of the House his actions are of much greater interest than his shallow rhetoric.

Blue America and its partner Americans for America responded to his dull remarks with its latest ad set to start running tomorrow morning. His actions speak much louder than his words:

A big tip 'o the hat to Dan Manatt and his creative team at Americans for America for turning that ad around immediately upon hearing Boehner's plodding words this morning. But for the millions of Americans who are suffering because of Republican policies that created their problems and Republican obstructionism that's keeping anyone from solving them, it would be very hard to find inspiration in such drivel.

This ad is going to run immediately and it's not an easy thing to produce something this quickly. Dan came up huge. Another positive is that Justin has been getting endorsement after endorsement from the Dems in Congress.

Howie adds:

Notice this DNC ad below, which I like a lot. They used it yesterday-- while Justin Coussoule was racking up endorsements from Tim Ryan (D-OH), Steve Filner (D-CA) and the Congressional Progressive Caucus-- to ask for money: "Boehner's horrible; he's going to eat your children; send us your money." But not a world about Boehner having an opponent. But he does; it's Justin Coussoule and you can donate towards electing him and defeating Boehner right here. Remember, when Boehner is shrieking "Where are the jobs, Mr. President," it isn't the DCCC or DNC telling voters in southwestern Ohio that it was Boehner who engineered the 2008 no-strings-attached Wall Street bailout; it's Justin Coussoule. And it isn't the DNC or the DCCC telling voters in Ohio that the trade policies, like NAFTA, that Boehner has been pushing for two decades explains where the jobs are; it's Justin Coussoule. Let's help him.

And don't forget to support our BoehnerTV campaign too.

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