Greta Van Susteren Asks Why Democrats Removed "God" From Party Platform


How good was Michelle Obama's speech? All you need to know is that as soon as Michelle delivered a wonderful speech Tuesday night, Greta's first question out of the gate to Xavier Becerra wasn't about how she performed. No way. It was: Why had the Dems removed the word 'God' from the party platform? Seriously.

Greta: California Congressman Becerra is the vice chair of the Democratic Caucus, he joins us. Congressman, nice to see you and tell me sir tonight looking at the Republican, errr Democratic Platform that you have you no longer have the word God in the platform. Why?

Becerra: Well, I think you heard the word God every other sentence here tonight whether it was in English or even Spanish so I think what you can say clearly to the American people is that we're looking to move forward, understanding we need the help of the Lord to make this happen in the right way for all Americans especially the middle class.

Greta: But why is it removed from the platform? I'm really curious because in 2000 there were four mentions, 2008 there were seven mentions of God, errr, in 2004 there were seven, 2008, one, and it's just sort of curious. Was it an oversight or was it taken out purposefully this time?

Is "the word 'God'" going to be the next "war on" project for FOX News? It certainly sounds like it. And I'm sure Hannity will follow up on this very loudly while Pat Robertson and Co. fleece millions from their flock over this fake war. Here comes the Fox Nation headline: 'Are the Democrats waging a war on God?'

They always focus on Jungian archetypes to start wars with, so I guess God fills a niche for them. Greta finally tells Xavier that Michelle Obama's speech was indeed powerful, but then quickly cuts back to her issue with the party platform.

Karoli writes up a review on the new party platform here if you haven't read it yet.

Megyn Kelly began the Fox News pundit round up by speaking in a very depressed and monotone voice, saying how wonderful Michelle was. The other three stooges -- Brit Hume, Chris Wallace, and Charles Krauthammer -- downplayed Michele's speech and pivoted to projecting a pro-government/reliance slant to her words, leaving only Kristen Powers, who brings her pro-life Democratic views as the lone wolf on this panel representing the left.

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