Dems Tim Ryan And Anthony Weiner: 'The Goal Now Of The Republican Party, Madam Chair, Is To Dismantle The Medicare Program'

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I like to post Rep. Tim Ryan's floor speeches occasionally even if we differ on certain important issues, but he nails House Republicans over their lust to destroy Medicare.

Ryan: This dismantles the Medicare program. Period. Dot. And at least have the courage to come out and say ‘we want to dismantle the Medicare program.’ And if you want to look at how far to the right that the Republican party has gotten on this issue, I’ve never seen former Speaker Gingrich do a faster or more complete Potomac two-step in my entire life then when he even insinuated that this may not be good for seniors. Because the goal now of the Republican party, Madam Chair, is to dismantle the Medicare program…the Democratic plan is for Medicare. We keep it to cover senior citizens and their health care when they get older.

And here's a little Anthony Weiner thrown in for good measure.

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Weiner: I move to strike the last word Mr. Chairman. Mr. Chairman, you may recall I was standing here approximately two hours ago waiting to speak with several other members on the efforts of my Republican friends to eliminate Medicare as we know it and for reasons that are known only to the Chair, I was denied the ability to do that. Well, I’m back. And just to review the bidding, here’s where it was before that order was made. We had the Chairman of the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, a good man, a guy I like, stand down in the well and say, ‘Oh, no’ (and this by the way is someone who is elected by the Republican members to represent them in races all around the country) saying that the Ryan plan wasn’t a plan it was and I’m quoting here, “a construct to develop a plan” and he said the proposal is not a voucher program and then he said it was a one size fits all, that Medicare was draining our economy is what he said.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that might be the rationale for our Republican friends wanting to eliminate Medicare, but none of those things are true. It is not a ‘construct to develop a plan’ it is the proposal of the Republican party of the United States of America to eliminate Medicare as a guaranteed entitlement. If you don’t believe me, go get the book that they wrote, go get the budget that they wrote, go get the bill that they wrote.

And please don't forget about Blue America's actblue page dedicated to Stop Paul Ryan


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