The Cruz Missile Hits The GOP

Republicans created Dr. Cruzenstein and now they seem shocked that he’s he’s walking around (1) looking like an idiot, and (2) taking all their money.

Let’s talk about coming back to bite you on the butt. Ted Cruz is raking in more money lambasting Republicans than any Democrat does. The part the GOP is mad about is that it’s Republican money. Ted Cruz is taking Republican money to call other Republicans names.

Well, not every individual Republican is pretending to buy into Cruz’s plot. Some rational Republicans — or the “surrender caucus,” as Cruz calls them — see that the plan is doomed and are saying so. Here are five Republicans who are calling BS on Ted Cruz’s very profitable “Defund Obamacare” gambit.

Holding the American economy, paychecks for the military, and social security checks hostage is not going to work. Ted Cruz knows that.

Hell, Ted Cruz is to politics what professional wrestling is to sports.

It’s all fake. It’s just a money-making deal.

You know, in all honesty, I would be rooting for this bull in a china closet except it’s my damn china closet. This china closet doesn’t just belong to the GOP. But the Republicans in congress all have breath that smells like hen feathers.

If the GOP is willing to sell the full faith and credit of the United States of Damn America to a man who is half Hulk Hogan and half Jimmy Swaggart, then I say screw them all — and the horses they rode in on, because those horses were probably a lot smarter than the riders.

And that’s how I start my Thursday morning.

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