After Mitt Repeals Obamacare, Then What?

During last night's debate, Mitt Romney made a big deal out of how he gave a rat's @ss about people with pre-existing conditions. Only, he doesn't really care much at all. Not in the least.

After the debate, his campaign clarified his remarks about what would happen to those with pre-existing conditions:

“With respect to pre-existing conditions, what Governor Romney has said is for those with continuous coverage, he would continue to make sure that they receive their coverage,” said Eric Fehrnstrom, referring to existing laws which require insurance companies to sell coverage to people who already have insurance, or within 90 days of losing their employer coverage.

In other words, screw you people with pre-existing conditions. You'd better hope you live in a state where they're covered and have the money to pay for it.

President Obama had a different idea on that:

“There are two ways of dealing with our health care crisis. One is to simply leave a whole bunch of people uninsured and let them fend for themselves, to let businesses figure out how long they can continue to pay premiums until finally they just give up, and their workers are no longer getting insured, and that's been the trend line. 

Or, alternatively, we can figure out, how do we make the cost of care more effective? And there are ways of doing it.”

Also, a PS to Mitt Romney. The coverage of kids up to age 26 was not done before Obamacare was passed. Yes. Obamacare did that. Not that facts matter or anything, except yes, they really do.

Of course, the pundits were all abuzz over this, right? my dreams maybe.


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