Here's What The Tea Party Wants: Chaos

So John Boehner couldn't manage to whip 216 votes for his compromise bill, and Nancy Pelosi held the Democratic caucus in line, and the morning dawns with Capitol Hill in a tizzy, which is exactly what the Tea Party has hoped for:

Speaking on conservative radio host Laura Ingraham’s show this morning, Boehner agreed that failing to raise the limit before the deadline would be devastating, and said the “chaos” plan won’t work when asked by Ingraham what’s motivating the recalcitrant Republicans:

BOEHNER: Well, first they want more. And my goodness, I want more too. And secondly, a lot of them believe that if we get past August the second and we have enough chaos, we could force the Senate and the White House to accept a balanced budget amendment. I’m not sure that that — I don’t think that that strategy works. Because I think the closer we get to August the second, frankly, the less leverage we have vis a vis our colleagues in the Senate and the White House.

It would really be nice if someone would quit thinking about strategy and agendas and start thinking about what's good for the country. Chaos? Really?

Yes, really. This is the lunacy that is the Tea Party. Courtesy of Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation, a few select quotes:

The real problem with Boehner and all of these soft, squishy big government Republicans is they see compromise as the goal.

No. Earth to John Boehner. Victory is the goal. Compromise is a tool that gets you to the goal. If you do not have victory as your goal, you will never win. If compromise is the goal, it really does not matter what agreement you reach. As long as the compromise is reached, no matter how bad it is, you have done your job.

In the last day, since I wrote Boehner must go, I have received a number of emails from people who say, “You are splitting the Republican party.” “You are fracturing the conservative movement.” “You are damaging our cause.”

No, I am not. John Boehner is.

John Boehner will not stand up for conservative beliefs or anything else, except possibly his afternoon cigarette. I am tired of Republicans who make up the surrender lobby. I am tired of Republicans who claim they believe in our cause yet will not stand and fight.

Judson Phillips frames it perfectly. There is no room for any thinking but their thinking, there is no room for anyone to co-exist or compromise alongside them. Because they think their way is the only way. Phillips closed with this:

When I got involved in the Tea Party two and a half years ago, I didn’t do it because I was bored. I didn’t do it because I had nothing better to do. I didn’t do it because I said it would be cool to be involved in a grassroots movement. I did it because I believe we should win. I did it because I believe conservatism is the best course to guarantee freedom in this Country.

Welcome our new American Taliban overlords. No room for anything but their One True Truth.


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