Herman Cain Thinks Indonesia Is Kenya

Herman Cain thinks Barack Obama was raised in Kenya. Because Kenya, Indonesia, they're all the same, right?

Bloomberg News:

“Barack Obama is more of an international,” Cain said. “I think he’s out of the mainstream and always has been. Look, he was raised in Kenya, his mother was white from Kansas and her family had an influence on him, it’s true, but his dad was Kenyan, and when he was going to school he got a lot of fellowships, scholarships, he stayed in the academic environment for a long time. He spent most of his career as an intellectual.”

Indonesia, Kenya, Whatever.

I left unasked the question of whether it’s more disreputable to be Kenyan or to be an intellectual (and let us pity those suffering Kenyan intellectuals). But I suggested to Cain that while Obama had, in fact, spent four years of his youth abroad, it was in Indonesia, not Kenya. To which Cain, who has dallied with the fading phenomenon known as “birtherism,” responded, “Yeah, Indonesia.”

Yeah, that Kenyan dad who saw him twice after he left was such an influence. And even if he was, so what? Is there something awful about Kenya? And if there is, then why do those dominionist types keep pouring money into that area?

Cain may have made an unwitting error, or an intentional one. Who really knows? But if the best they can do is to sort of suggest that he's "different" because of his childhood, they're really reaching at straws. Of course, having such things come from Cain are a teaBircher's dream, because he's black, but he's their black guy, and he was fer shure born in the good ole US of A.

And just to prove it, that Cain ad at the top is all about being a "real American".

[h/t Huffington Post]


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