Newt Has Rush And Rudy Fuming

Republican primary seasons are usually so boring. They either go after each other on a personal level, or by the time South Carolina rolls around there's a nominee apparent and they close ranks around them.

Not this time. Not by a long shot. It's clear that Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry consider this a personal crusade, which is why the scorched earth strategy has been launched in a big way. The 28-minute video on is a devastating indictment of capitalists like Mitt Romney who strip assets from businesses and allow them to die, after transferring pension liabilities to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

To say it's got Rudy Guiliani and Rush Limbaugh's knickers in a twist would be an understatement. Rudy was just about out of his body Thursday morning on Fox and Friends, calling Newt a student of Saul Alinsky and equating his actions to "something Barack Obama would do." There's an insult.

Rush, on the other hand, has a real problem. He cannot stand Mitt Romney, doesn't think he's any kind of real conservative, but like all good Republicans, he was ready to suck it up and let Mitt have the nomination. Now we have Newt Gingrich tossing a neutron bomb into the middle of the primary while Sheldon Adelson simultaneously funds and distances himself from it, and well...sit back and watch the fireworks.

Even though all fists were shaken in Newt's general direction, Rick Perry should not go unnoticed. Today one of his major donors, Barry Wynn, withdrew support and gave it to Mitt. Perry's response was entirely self-destructive and personal. Specifically, he said "If they want to cut and run, that's their problem." Now Wynn isn't just your ordinary run of the mill Republican. In addition to being a major donor, he's also Jim DeMint's treasurer. Yes, that Jim DeMint. Mr. UberConservative kingmaker guy. I'm not sure if Perry believes in what he's doing or he's just taking things personally enough to melt down and self-destruct. Whatever the case, it's entertaining.

According to at least one poll, it's working. A new InsiderAdvantage poll shows Newt in a statistical tie with Mitt Romney in South Carolina. Watch out, Mitt.


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