One Ohio Voter's Gratitude Undoes A Thousand Republican Lies About ObamaCare

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Obama supporter and Ohio voter Stephanie Miller appeared on Al Sharpton's show Friday to tell her story about why the Affordable Care Act means so much to her. Stephanie's sister died on July 4, 2008 from colon cancer. She was uninsured, because she made too much money to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to be able to afford health insurance. Despite Republican lies about how health care is soooo accessible via emergency rooms (a bald-faced lie), Stephanie's sister died, far too young.

At a rally in Ohio, Stephanie was up near the front of the rope line, where she was able to get President Obama's attention long enough to thank him for sticking to his guns and getting the Affordable Care Act through. He asked for her sister's name, telling Stephanie he was going to keep her in his thoughts every day during the campaign.

I believe him, and I am also grateful that he saw it through to the end.

As for the cynical, selfish Republicans, I'm in total agreement with Joan McCarter:

That's the status quo Republicans are fighting tooth and nail to return to: needless, premature, painful death for people who aren't lucky enough to have won in the health insurance lottery.

Share this picture with people and tell them that weeping woman right there doesn't deserve to be victimized twice. Evidently the right wing lies about the Affordable Care Act are actually taking hold thanks to the liars over at Fox News. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then this one ought to cover 1,000 lies.



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