Richard Mourdock Celebrates SCOTUS Striking Down The ACA Ahead Of Decision

Oops! Richard Mourdock got ahead of himself and released this video celebrating the end of the Affordable Care Act at the hands of the Supreme Court.

Via Politico:

Indiana Treasurer and GOP Senate candidate Richard Mourdock applauds the Supreme Court's decision invalidating the Affordable Care Act in a new video uploaded to his YouTube account.

The catch, obviously, is that the Court hasn't ruled on Obamacare just yet, and won't do so until next week. Mourdock's video, titled "ObamaCare3," is apparently a pretaped message in the event that the health care law goes down, but it hit the web early.

“Well, we’ve had our brief moment of celebration, because the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is, in fact, unconstitutional. It’s what many of us argued all along," Mourdock begins. "But don’t sit back and think the fight is over because it isn’t. Barack Obama and Congressman Joe Donnelly are already putting Obamacare 2.0 together and they’re going to try and pass it once again. We cannot let that happen."

Subsequent to Politico's report, the Mourdock campaign pulled the video out of public view, but you know, once a bell has rung, it can't be unrung. A copy of the ad is at the top of this post.

I admit that I was bothered by Mourdock's premature dance in the endzone, even if it appears he did make videos for every possibility. Conventional wisdom holds that what is done at the Supreme Court stays at the Supreme Court until the opinion is released.

But there's that Ginni Thomas factor, and her ties to right wing organizations. Her past includes cozy and deep-pocketed connections with the Kochs, and she's now hard at work for Tucker Carlson's Foster Friess enterprise, The Daily Caller.

I note over on the SCOTUSblog there's a calendar entry for a June 26th summit at the Cato Institute to discuss the "meaning of the Obamacare ruling." Once again, that could simply be contingency planning for whatever the ruling ends up being. But it's worrisome to me that Ginni Thomas is the common denominator in an equation that includes premature end zone spiking by Mr. Mourdock even as John Boehner warns that Republican congressmen should definitely not under any circumstances celebrate if SCOTUS strikes it down.

By now, I'm assuming the court is putting the finishing touches on the opinion(s) and dissent(s) in order to release everything by Monday of next week. So why would Mourdock behave as if he knew the outcome already? Wishful thinking, or inside information? I suggest keeping an eye on The Daily Caller to see how they handle the decision when it's released to the public.


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