Rick Scott, Panhandle King

The hits just keep on coming. I bring to you the Evil Republican Governor Chronicles, Florida edition.


Give Rick Scott sole authority to appoint Florida judges

A move to restructure the Florida court system, giving more power in choosing judges to Gov. Rick Scott, moved forward in the state House Thursday despite objections that the bills are an attempt to take control of the state judiciary.

The House Civil Justice Committee passed the three bills Thursday afternoon, all opposed by the committee's five Democrats and backed by its 10 Republicans, including Shawn Harrison of Tampa.

Other committee stops and action by the full House and Senate would be needed to pass them. They are:

•An amendment to break the state Supreme Court in two, one court for criminal cases and one for civil cases, adding three justices so each would have five.

  • An amendment to abolish the judicial nominating commissions that submit nominees for appeals court and Supreme Court justices.
  • The governor would then have sole power to name justices, but the state Senate would have to confirm them. Proponents said it models the federal process for naming justices.
  • A bill not requiring an amendment that gives the governor sole power to appoint all members of the judicial nominating commissions that submit nominees for trial court seats


(h/t BeachPeanuts)

These initiatives would have to be approved by 60% of Florida voters. Rest assured they will be framed in such a way that it will sound like a great idea. Just as great as electing this man governor in the first place.

Don't be fooled by the GOP claim that it increases efficiency. This move is retaliatory, in response to the Florida court upholding the November redistricting initiative that takes control out of the hands of the politicians and puts it in the hands of a citizen panel. They hate that.

As to the splitting of the court and adding a few justices, I think they call that "court stacking". When FDR contemplated it conservatives screamed like piggy boys. Now they think it's just a fantastic idea down there in Florida.

And wait, there's more, thanks to Joy Ann Reid at the Reid Report.

In Florida, Felonious Monk (A/K/A Rick Scott) is serving up a policy of mandatory, random drug tests for all state employees reporting to the executive branch (as well as anyone receiving public assistance) that will serve the twin purposes of humliating and demonizing the state workers Republicans so despise, while also potentially lining his pockets by pushing tens of thousands of new custormers to the chain of walk-in clinics he has temporarily signed over to his wife. However, Scott’s push could very well be … wait for it … illegal.

Besides the fact that Joy-Ann's post exposes the naked greed and powerlust in Florida, I had to share it just because the name Felonious Monk fits Scott so well. Well, doesn't it?


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