Right Wing Bullies Try 'Sandra Fluke' Maneuver On Debate Questioner

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Yeah, that's a headline right now at FreeBeacon.com, a right-wing smear outfit edited by Republican operative Matt Continetti.

Evidently, the qualifications for anyone to ask a question during a debate include an investigation of what one might do or say online, and if it's anything other than spewing Bible verses, it's somehow fodder for right-wing hacks to take a crack at.

I'm not linking that crap. It's on the site if you want to go see it for yourself. But their case against the questioner, Katherine Fenton, is simply that she's not into sports like some other women are, and she goes to bars.

The whole piece is wrapped in what purports to be a bit of snark, but the message is clear: Do NOT dare to ask a question about women's issues if you tweet things about bars, sports, and sex.


With the internet blowing up today over "binders full of women" and Mitt's non answer to her actual question about whether he supports equal pay for women, it's a great time for the right-wing smear machine to kick in with their own meme, no matter whether it matters or not.

Unfortunately, they don't seem to have learned from the Sandra Fluke PR disaster that it's a really bad idea to to slut-shame women who are asking legitimate questions about issues which directly affect them as women, regardless of what they like to do with their spare time.

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