Rush Limbaugh's Newest Moment Of Misogyny: Women's Vote Screwed Up The Country

I really try not to pay attention to Rush Limbaugh after his ludicrous, ugly, venomous attacks on Sandra Fluke. Now that he's out of the limelight a bit, he's going straight back at it with a vengeance.

Today's little gem comes courtesy of Media Matters. On the same day that Slimeball Joe Walsh tried to swiftboat Tammy Duckworth, Rush thinks it's just a great idea to say that the country was great until women got the vote.

The segment begins with a caller whipping out his pocket Constitution and arguing that "Obamacare" is really the fault of young people. In his mind, those 18 year olds are the reason we've elected "someone this foolish."

Limbaugh counters with "Nah, I can do one better than that. When women got the vote is when it all went downhill."

That's right, Rush. Women got the vote and women spend the household money, and so you just keep flapping your ugly misogynistic mouth off about how much we've screwed up the country. If you keep insulting women, you'll end up with no sponsors, and then they won't be able to keep your bloviating bad self on the air.

By the way, that's not robbing you of your right to free speech, Rush. You've got the right to say whatever you want. What you don't have is the right to the microphone paid for by people who buy products advertised on your airwaves.

Both of these guys could use a lesson in the First Amendment and the Constitution. But in Rush's case, it isn't the first post-Fluke Moment of Misogyny, and it won't be the last, I'm sure.

Despite Limbaugh's protestations that he was (ha ha ha) just kidding, there's no reason at all to believe he was.


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