Voter Thanks Newt Gingrich For 'Putting Juan Williams In His Place'

As we approach the time where Newt Gingrich is given yet another opportunity to sound the dogwhistles tonight about our "Food Stamp President," it's my duty to report that among some contingents in South Carolina, it's working. Listen to the syrupy, condescending tone of voice of this woman as she lauds Mr. Gingrich's performance in Monday night's debate:

MATTHEWS: ...Listen to this exchange from a Gingrich event earlier today.


SPEAKER: I would like to thank you, Mr. Speaker, for putting Mr. Juan Williams in his place the other night.


His supposed question was totally ludicrous, and we support you.

Watch the look on Newt's face when she praises him, especially when she gets to the part about putting Williams in his place. He's almost bursting with pride.

Watch the clip to the end for a palate cleanser. Donna Edwards does a great job of putting little Miss Uppity Place-Putter right back where she belongs.

In the interest of providing fair and balanced perspective, I'd like to suggest that perhaps the woman who made that comment could possibly be related to this one:

I leave you all with one question: If there are 43 plus million on food stamps right now and Newt Gingrich is trashing these people for the purpose of gaining traction with Southern voters, how many of those food stamp recipients do you suppose are Republican and might be turned off after he trashes them day after day after day?


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