"I Remember." Some Election Day Thoughts

Cheney implies he declassified Plame's identity.
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My thoughts this Election Day. Comment if you remember too!

I REMEMBER wars of aggression based on lies.

I REMEMBER The Patriot Act.

I REMEMBER "Free Speech Zones".

I REMEMBER the color-coded "traffic light of fear" the Bush Administration ratcheted up every time they felt themselves sinking in the polls.

I REMEMBER fake news reports being produced by the government using actors pretending to be reporters, using fake names, distributed to as if it were real news.

I REMEMBER the outing of an undercover CIA agent by our own Vice President, and the enormous cover-up to follow.

I REMEMBER that prior to the last Administration, gasoline had NEVER sold for more than $1.75/gallon, and was up over $4 before they were through.

I REMEMBER the collapse of Wall Street, mass foreclosures, and the bailout of thousands of banks across the U.S. in the greatest economic crisis since The Great Depression.

...and there's no way in hell I'm going back.

Bush White House admits Iraq nuclear claims were bogus two months after invasion (July, 2003).
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Prior to Iraq invasion, Economist is ridiculed for predicting $2Trillion dollar war and $75 oil.
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