Chris Christie On GOP 'Rigged' Polls Birtherism: 'I Don't Buy That'

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I'm gonna have to revise my previously-held belief that while their policies were noxious, the Republicans have been successfully dominating the framing of issues because of their message discipline. Maybe it's indicative of the weathervane that they have at the head of the party, but whatever claim to message discipline the GOP might have once had, they certainly do not now.

Chris Christie, who is still running a subliminal 2016 campaign in his role as Romney proxy, was just the latest spokesperson to go rogue from the talking points.

Because you see, pretty much every poll, from the right-leaning Rasmussen to the left-leaning PPP shows President Obama pulling away from Mitt Romney, including in the critical swing states, leading Nate Silver to put the president's chances of re-election at 80%. So what's a flailing candidate with a base unwilling to believe facts to do? Deny the reality of the polls.

But someone forgot to give that memo to Chris Christie, who logged face time on all three major network Sunday shows. On This Week, Christie made the same comment when the suggestion was made that the polls were "rigged" against the Romney campaign: I don't buy that.

Chris Christie has some bad news for Republicans who say the polls are biased against Mitt Romney: "I don't buy that"

The tough-talking New Jersey governor and Romney surrogate appeared on ABC's This Week, and said, "You look at every different poll and look at its methodology and you can say whether it's a good or bad poll. But do I think there's a concerted effort to skew the polls against Governor Romney? No."

Several prominent Republics argued last week that the polls are misleading because the people conducting them are interviewing too few Republicans, among other methodological problems. Christie, who also made appearances on NBC's Meet the Press and CBS' Face the Nation on Sunday, acknowledged that Romney has had a hit a rough patch on the campaign trail.

Pssst. Hey Christie, that's not helping your party lower expectations of their candidate. Message disclipline, buddy.

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